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    23 Mar 2018 Lovehoney Best Night Ever 5 Piece KitLovehoney Best Night Ever 5 Piece Kit What a Night Tlaw 9 out of 10


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    11 Aug 2019 Sex with a Porn Star
    Chloe Toy or Mellie D for me
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    5 Aug 2019 Are you a giver or a receiver - Oral - Come on everyone ;)
    More of a giver as I feel selfish if it's just me being pleasured. Love a 69, having the wife moan with her mouth full is an exquiste pleasure.
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    22 Jul 2019 What undies are you wearing today? part 4
    Choice of Lovehoney red, blue or grey striped boxers. If anyone would like to choose the colour be my guest.
    Lingerie & Clothing
    22 Jul 2019 is sexting or chatroom online kinky chat a dying out trend?
    I do use one, it's more of a general chat with the occasional dirty chat and the option to chat one on one. It's good fun and a way to spend some free...
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    20 Jun 2019 Sum up your day in three words
    Three hours left
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    14 Jun 2019 How did your day start?
    Just starting after a night shift. In bed with the cricket on the radio, getting reacquainted with the LH forums.
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    14 Jun 2019 What undies are you wearing today? part 4
    Last night was LH blue striped boxer, tonight the same but in grey. Love having them on under my work uniform. 😁
    Lingerie & Clothing
    4 Oct 2018 Get it off ! Support thread V2.0
    Hey all,  Been at work so diet has been all over the shop, always happens the more tired I get working shifts the more rubbish I eat. However have...
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    1 Oct 2018 Get it off ! Support thread V2.0
    Hey folks, how are people getting on?
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    29 Sep 2018 Get it off ! Support thread V2.0
    Jt2ou, sorry to hear that. I know it's contrite and probably doesn't help, but a loss is a loss. And take strength from the fact you stayed strong on...
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    26 Sep 2018 Hi I’m new here
    Hello and Welcome
    Introduce Yourself
    25 Sep 2018 ANY GAMERS
    Loved Tales from the Borderland. Sad to see it. Agree with Lil_Known about the bigger games. If any of your are PC gamers, check out Humble, they...
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    25 Sep 2018 What's the most daring thing you have worn to work?
    Unfortunately I wear a uniform to work. Gone commando a few times which is cool, thinking about a small cock ring next.
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    24 Sep 2018 Does anyone ever do a striptease for their partner? Help please :)
    From a male point of view. Don't wear socks (no sexy way to take them off) Don't rush to get get naked (the joy is in the reveal) Generally make sure...
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    24 Sep 2018 Get it off ! Support thread V2.0
    Well done JT2OU, you deserve a loss after that show of willpower.
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    24 Sep 2018 Newbie
    Let me be the first to welcome you to the forums then.
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    24 Sep 2018 Adult Hotels
    Looking at booking an outdoor hottub room at the Who'd aThought It for anniversary. One question (if anyone minds sharing) though, do they allow...
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    24 Sep 2018 Would You Ever... Part 5
    Yes, been there done that. Luckily my last day there or it could have been arkward. WYE Skinny dip in a hotel pool?
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    24 Sep 2018 Anyone else?
    Morning All, Anyone else take advantage of the weekend sale?
    Sex Toys
    21 Sep 2018 Get it off ! Support thread V2.0
    Thanks all. That's great Amy, always good when things start to feel/fit better, regardless of what the scales may say. Good Luck for Monday...
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    22 Aug 2018 Sex Toy Testers 5


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