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    16 May 2018 Felching
    Anyone tried it ?
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    21 Mar 2018 Sterile lube
    Alcohol wipes should do the trick !
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    16 Mar 2018 Kinky weird fantasies?
    I would love to suck a penis fresh out of a womans pussy after cumming then to lick the pussy clean to .
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    16 Mar 2018 A friend in need.
    Does anyone else think this was a wind up ? The damn thing is plastic not wrought iron !
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    13 Mar 2018 Bi-Sexual males
    Up until a few years ago i regarded myself as 100% straight , but then started thinking about playing with a man . Took a while before i plucked up...
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    12 Mar 2018 A friend in need.
    Bolt croppers or a decent pair of side cutters should cut the loop where the padlock fits
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    10 Feb 2018 Free cams
    Xhamster is worth a look , live cam stuff is free to watch but you need tokens to "tip" anyone ,
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    27 Jan 2018 fabswingers question
    They are sold on Adultwork under Mall
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    18 Jan 2018 sex with the famous
    For me it would be Kirsty Allsop Sheridan Smith (before the horrible tatts) Lucy Worsley
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    29 Nov 2017 Orgasm through penetration alone?
    My partner cums through penetration alone a lot , she also cums by having her nipples played with without any further stimulation .
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    17 Nov 2017 Do you Masterbate at work?
    Have done in the past , even had a blow job in my office once !!
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    10 Nov 2017 Tips for cum sharing with partner (male)
    Maybe keep a little in your mouth after a blowjob and let it slip into his mouth ? I love the taste of my own cum , the other half kisses me...
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    6 Nov 2017 Do all men get pre-cum?
    Never had done , a couple of times i've felt that i've cum then cum again very quickly , after 10 seconds or so . This was during hand jobs...
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    27 Oct 2017 Do men lie about the no. of time they cum?
    Well i can go on and on for ages but don't cum at all :( Takes me a hell of a long time to get to the point of cumming then a lot of the...
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    22 Sep 2017 squirting- pee sensation
    My other half has squirted over my face whilst i gave her oral , i was lying down with her knelling over me and the liquid certainly didn't...
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    11 Sep 2017 Has anyone took 20mg cialis
    I think you will find that these drugs work by lowering the blood pressure , i take a sisth of a 20mg tablet as a booster so to speak . Best taken...
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    8 Sep 2017 Little embarrassed to ask
    I love having my bum played with , i would describe myself as orally bi having given a few blow jobs to other men in the past and would do again if...
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    8 Sep 2017 rimming
    My first experience of it was very closely followed by a finger being inserted whilst i was being given a blow job , that finger hit the P spot...
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    8 Sep 2017 Prostate massage
    I find it hard to have the spot hit with a vibrator or massager , maybe just the way i'm made . Fingers do the job for me , can even do it to...
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    6 Sep 2017 rimming
    Ask him if he would like you to lick his bum hole when you are down there giving him a blowjib , my OH does it to me and it feels amazing !
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