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    11 Jun 2020 I'm trying HPL hair removal.
    Hi Rockstar, I'm very interested to see your updates and how this turns out. Waxing does a good job but it still grows back and getting all my pubes...
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    10 Jun 2020 Boyfriend not happy about my dildo
    ChloJakes wrote: A conversation definitely needs to happen here. If any guy (partner or a random) ever told me to get rid of my dildo or toys, I'd...
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    29 May 2020 Mens thongs price rise? [LHAUS]
    Can't say I have noticed any particular increase, my boyfriend has a certain brand of thong he likes to wear and I just bought him a new one for his...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    10 May 2020 Using vib on clitoris while partner inside you - advice needed
    I can orgasm from penetration alone but it usually takes a long time and i like the feeling of my vibrator on my clit and it is sure to get me there...
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    20 Apr 2020 Sex Drive with Anti Depressants?
    SC84 wrote: Hi Steph&Mike, I've been taking SSRI's (Sertraline - started on 50mg per day, built up to 150mg per day) for about 7-8 months now...
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    20 Apr 2020 Wanking
    For me, mainly I have a wank or a 'rub'. If I'm telling my boyfriend what I may have been doing it's usually 'I had a wank earlier'.
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    23 Mar 2020 Sex Drive with Anti Depressants?
    Both women and men, do you have any experience or info about male partners taking anti-depressants at all? My boyfriend has been taking an SSRI for...
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    23 Mar 2020 Bit of a poll for Guys Girls: Solo Play: Do you like to orgasm in your underwear
    Janes wrote: I love to wear really tight underwear and to stroke myself when turned on. Lightly brushing myself with a good vibrating dildo, makes...
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    16 Mar 2020 Everyone's favourite hair removal ?
    I've been getting my pubes waxed for about 10 years, I have a friend that does it and not much grows back now. My boyfriend gets his waxed now as...
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    4 Mar 2020 Thinking of trying a sex machine
    I have bought the couple of sex toys I own myself so far and generally use them on my own when my boyfriend is not around or I have time to myself....
    Sex Toys
    25 Feb 2020 Are mens thongs popular now?
    CurvyJilly34F wrote: Easier and quicker to dry on radiators than boxers...🤣 Funny you mention that Jilly as I was thinking the same, much easier...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    11 Feb 2020 First time toy user
    If you want a vibrator I think the best is the Hitachi or mains powered wand, the vibrations are incredible and orgams guaranteed. If it is your...
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    10 Jan 2020 Watching wife masturbate
    My boyfriend knows I masturbate as he asked me sometime ago. I usually do it once a day, possibly twice now and again. I don't mind doing it in front...
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    10 Jan 2020 Men shaving or waxing .....
    My boyfriend has shaved for a good while and much prefers being smooth with no pubes. Shaving never lasted more than a few days before it grew back...
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    23 Dec 2019 what naughtiness we all up to tonight?
    We are going to have to get creative now as the family has arrived at our house and is staying for a week :-(
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    21 Dec 2019 what naughtiness we all up to tonight?
    No naughtiness tonight but we both got waxed downstairs today which will lead to some very smooth naughtiness tomorrow. Family arrives on Monday fro...
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    21 Dec 2019 Fleshlights: How many is to many?
    I don't think there is too many other than for storage issues. My boyfrined has 2/3 at the moment but he throws the old ones out he's had after a few...
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    18 Dec 2019 What undies are you wearing today? part 4
    We are both working in our offices today, me black cheeky briefs, him one of his thongs in blue.
    Lingerie & Clothing
    18 Dec 2019 Whats your pubic hairstyle?
    I'm very smooth as I have been waxing for a good few years and they don't really grown back now. My boyfriend shaved all his pubes for some time but...
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    5 Dec 2019 Mutual Masturbation. Turn on or off?
    This is the biggest turn of for us and we love to wank together or watch each other or know each other has cum when we are not together. It takes my...
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