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    Single dad with three lovely daughters. Work as a chef. In a steady relationship with a very sexy gf. Will talk if a friend.


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    31 Aug 2019 Lovehoney Mega Thick Penis Extender with Ball Loop ClearLovehoney Mega Thick Penis Extender with Ball Loop Clear It’s great but GF prefers it now sovereign 10 out of 10
    28 Sep 2010 Thick Ur Dick Open Ended Penis ExtenderThick Ur Dick Open Ended Penis Extender Says what it does on the box sovereign 9 out of 10
    19 May 2009 Three Extra Inches Penis Extender SleeveThree Extra Inches Penis Extender Sleeve Wow ...It really works. sovereign 9 out of 10
    22 Mar 2008 The Waver Bunny Rabbit VibratorThe Waver Bunny Rabbit Vibrator The Best Toy To Use.. sovereign 9 out of 10


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    30 Apr 2018 Tried something and didn't like it, why?
    Partner is ok for anal touching and anal sex but I wasn’t as comfortable when she was trying to do it back to me.
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    25 Mar 2018 Any men, boyfriends or husbands with no pubes?
    Recently removed all hairs below at the request of gf, and she acted enthused at the smoothness and played more around that area.
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    12 Oct 2011 Anyone know any good jokes?
    I was chatting to a Gypsy girl last night, when she asked did i fancy goin back to hers for a good time.  She wasn't fucking kidding, ......I...
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    12 Oct 2011 Anyone know any good jokes?
    I work in a Jewellers, a woman came in and asked what sort of watch i would suggest for her carribean husband.  She wasn.t impressed when i said...
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    10 Oct 2011 Things that confuse me...
    rose hip, Is that me you are recognising for being respectful and kind to all females.  (Bows to the women and nods in appreciation).  I...
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    27 Sep 2011 Having a Threesome
    I offered the mmf with her on condition that if she enjoyed it alot she would do a mff for me, but she not convinced to go further than before.
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    25 Sep 2011 Having a Threesome
    It would be MFF for me but MMF for gf, but she wont entertain it cos she says why do you need anyone else.  That's her only arguement, but she...
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    24 Sep 2011 Having a Threesome
    I'd love to try but don't think gf would.  Shame.
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    23 Sep 2011 Mind blowing oral sex
    emily, what penny wrote is a great sensation, my gf does it and i love it.
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    22 Sep 2011 Mind blowing oral sex
    emily, will u be reporting the outcome back to here.
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    16 Sep 2011 question about K-Y jelly, pls help!
    Go see your doctor, and let her examine you.  Thrush is available to be treated at any supermarket  to if you feel embarrassed.
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    15 Sep 2011 Do you need to know?
    I will admit i did want to know and some sexual history too, it can be fun to hear what our gf/bf has learnt and with who.  My gf wasnt too high...
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    6 Sep 2011 How good are you in bed.....
    I agree that our gf/bf should be the decision. Anyway lets think about this,  Foreplay, id like to think im good because i will spend ages...
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    21 Jun 2011 Anal....do you think it's a big deal...???
    My girlfriend told me she would do anal last night, so i looked forward to thr moment, w lubed up as we are told to but i enteered she orgased and i...
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    19 Oct 2010 Cheaters Anon
    Never cheated cos when partner walked out, its not something i would put others through.
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