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    Very open minded fun girl who has been married for a few years but likes to try new things (including sex partners)
    Loves erotica, sexy lingerie and toys.


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    10 Feb 2013 Coquette Darque Wet Look Stockings with Lace TopsCoquette Darque Wet Look Stockings with Lace Tops Feels like your own skin, surprise your partner soniabel 7 out of 10
    10 Feb 2013 Lovehoney Love Missile 3 Speed Bullet Vibrator BlackLovehoney Love Missile 3 Speed Bullet Vibrator Black Great fun for value soniabel 9 out of 10


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    4 Mar 2013 Sex phone operator... help and advice!!
    hello everyone! I have been thinking in starting a "job" as a phone sex operator, the company I contacted... well... they set you up but...
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    15 Feb 2013 Do guys prefer a tight or loose pussy?
    Quiet interesting reading the comments, always wondered if men would prefer it tight or loose. I was told I am tight... but never heard a...
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    14 Feb 2013 Holiday ideas please
    That depends very much on how much you want to spend. South America (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay) is like a paradise to me. Lots of sunshine, nice...
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    13 Feb 2013 Are we all Bi Curious?
    I know I am!
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    10 Feb 2013 Ladies... What size shoe are you ?
    I am a size 6 
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    10 Feb 2013 Man in a uniform!!!!
    I love men in uniform. I was at militar academy as a teenager and I my first sexual experiences where with guys in uniform. Ever since, I get so...
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    10 Feb 2013 Add some fun 3


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