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    Single, anal obsessed and open minded


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    8 May 2019 Solo Anal fisting
    I found I could self fist the other day in the bath by accident. Bit of an undignified position I wouldn't want a partner seeing me in but laying down...
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    8 May 2019 Calling essential testers - REVIEWS
    Count me in
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    8 May 2019 anyone turned on by idea of receving bukkake?
    It's been a huge fantasy of mine for as long as I can remember. That and to have my arse filled with cum. I know they're only done In porn but in my...
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    8 May 2019 Anyone else got a very high sex drive?
    Very high. I'm just out of a dead bedroom relationship and am absolutely gagging for it.
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    8 May 2019 Anal stretching
    I find if I get lots of lube going, use small toys to start with then finger around the toy until I can get a couple of fingers in with it, then move...
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    8 May 2019 What does Rough Sex mean to you?
    Spontaneous, instigated by a look, limited foreplay lots of grabbing and hands everywhere etc. My ideal would be to open the front door to my partner...
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    8 May 2019 Newly single after a dead bedroom relationship
    And I am absolutely gagging for it. Direct me to where I can get some no strings but safe fun with men, women, couples, groups... I'm open minded and...
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