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    Hubby says im a perv...checking out girls on nights out, good wing man though. Bit more adventurous than my hubby, he does try though xx


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    29 Dec 2014 Doc Johnson Extra Large Vagina PumpDoc Johnson Extra Large Vagina Pump Disappointed small and curvey 2 out of 10


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    30 Dec 2014 Saying hello
    thanks guys :) xx
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    30 Dec 2014 How many fingers?
    sounds good. personally i can only manage 1 and sometimes manage 2 but my OH likes the fact im so tight.   feels amazing anyway
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    29 Dec 2014 Saying hello
    hey im new to the site...hope to learn something new from the forums ;-) xx
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    29 Dec 2014 Having a Threesome
    hey, me and my hubby had one during the year. I had met someone on a nightout through a mutual friend and being drunk always helps and playing...
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    29 Dec 2014 Sex Toy Testers 14
    30 Dec 2014 Couples wishlist 3


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