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    A single expression that describes me would be "Late bloomer"... in many ways I am still discovering both my talents and inclinations.

    I'm experimenting, discovering and exploring... and so I still don't have a very precise and neat understanding of all that I love or hate... and part of the reason for being here, is exactly because of that.


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    19 Jul 2017 Sum up your day in three words
    missing touch skin
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    18 Jul 2017 Threesomes/Foursomes/Being Watched - How we did it....
    Wow.. this thread has some of the most useful information I have seen on the issue so far... It's really interesting and a bit exciting to find...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    16 Jul 2017 New
    Hello and welcome :) Enjoy your stay and have a nice time here
    Introduce Yourself
    16 Jul 2017 newbee
    Hello there and welcome :) Hope you'll have a good time !
    Introduce Yourself
    14 Jul 2017 Clitoral issues
    I strongly agree with all of above suggestions to visit a gynecologist about it. I don't think it is never stressed enough that googling or in...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    12 Jul 2017 Newbie :3
    Thanks for the multiple welcomes :) And yes, Lovehoney's YT channel would need a big boost, it has great content !
    Introduce Yourself
    12 Jul 2017 Newbie :3
    Hello everyone, it's nice to be around here ! I discovered Lovehoney just recently and began watching the YouTube Channel... and someone...
    Introduce Yourself
    12 Jul 2017 Newbie's Initiation Test PART 2
    Age - 31 Gender - Female Relationship Status - Recently single Sexual Preference - I always had straight relationships with a single one-night...
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    12 Jul 2017 Kinks :P 3


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