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    Young male and female, love sex toys! And of course we love LoveHoney!
    I love writing reviews so after I have had a good few uses out of everything I purchase I will try and write some very informative reviews!


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    15 Nov 2013 Lapdance Tie Side V-StringLapdance Tie Side V-String Lapdance Side Tie V String SJDx3 7 out of 10
    19 Oct 2013 Lovehoney BASICS Metallic Lady Lustfinger Mini VibratorLovehoney BASICS Metallic Lady Lustfinger Mini Vibrator The perfect vibrator for beginners SJDx3 4 out of 10
    7 Mar 2012 The Crazy Random Grab BagThe Crazy Random Grab Bag Really is random SJDx3 1 out of 10
    3 Nov 2011 Tracey Cox Supersex Stimulating Silicone Love RingTracey Cox Supersex Stimulating Silicone Love Ring Wasn't the best thing in the world SJDx3 3 out of 10
    3 Nov 2011 Lovehoney SQWERTY Sex Toy Cleaner Spray 115mlLovehoney SQWERTY Sex Toy Cleaner Spray 115ml A must have easy toy cleaner SJDx3 10 out of 10
    28 Oct 2011 Pin Ups Nancy Glitter Bullet and Bombshell Orgasm Balm Gift SetPin Ups Nancy Glitter Bullet and Bombshell Orgasm Balm Gift Set My First Vibrator SJDx3 10 out of 10


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    12 Dec 2013 My son wrote this
    Adorable, bless him :) gotta love how happy and excited young children are around Christmas :) 
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    24 Nov 2013 Where was the last place...
    In our bed :) 
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    22 Nov 2013 Umbrella case dildo holder
    So I don't know if this has been said but I have a few dildos and for a while I have wanted some place to store them other than just plonked in...
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    22 Nov 2013 Anyone else seen the lovehoney advert on TV
    I just had a look on Youtube and was impressed. I agree with the comment about the adverts normalising sex toys. I haven't seen an advert which comes...
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    25 Oct 2013 Sex and Periods
    Usually not, but sometimes towards the end of it and if the blood is very light we will because we can't control ourselves any longer. Always...
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    9 Nov 2011 Have u ever tasted ur own cum?
     I have tasted it from my boyfriends lips after we have done oral, wouldn't taste it on my own though cos wouldn't do much for me! 
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    9 Nov 2011 Last book you read/reading
     The last book I read was The Last To Know by Melissa Hill I think? Was really good. 
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    9 Nov 2011 Newbie's Initiation Test
     Age - 18 Gender -  Female! Relationship Status - In a relationship Sexual Preference -  Straight Favourite Position - Doggy...
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    5 Nov 2011 What's your Favourite Sex Toy?
     I only have one *cries* so it has to be that! A little glitter bullet, such a turn on! 
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    3 Nov 2011 The nosey neigbour
     Tell her its none of her business and she shouldn't be so nosey! If you dont want to come across as rude, just say its clothes from an online...
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    3 Nov 2011 Suggestions on warming up your toys
     I really think just using a hot water bottle would be grand, just keep the things you will be using next to it and it should keep them...
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    3 Nov 2011 Storing your toys
     I keep the sexual things I have on top of my wardrobe, I live with my boyfriend so I dont have to worry about people coming in and having a...
    Sex Toys
    1 Nov 2011 Why would you recommend Lovehoney?
     Really good qaulity products from what I have ordered so far, really nice and easy laid out website, not difficult to get around like some...
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    1 Nov 2011 Where to buy great porn online
     I was looking around for some DVDs too so could watch it whilst in bed instead of having the laptop on my lap! Couldn't find any with good...
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    29 Oct 2011 Pre-Cum, how much is too much?
     I have to agree with missuscam! You can never have enough, I love when my boyfriend just has feck loads of it! 
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    29 Oct 2011 Sex Toys Testers 10


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