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    17 Jan 2019 Lovehoney Satin Drawstring Toy Bag SmallLovehoney Satin Drawstring Toy Bag Small Roomier than you'd expect sirwankalot 10 out of 10


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    13 Jan 2019 Use of the tongue
    I love giving my GF a good licking. She comes much more powerfully when I do. And sucking her clit makes her rather loud. 😊
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    13 Jan 2019 Naked Attraction
    Thanks WillC, I'll take that on board.
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    12 Jan 2019 Erectile Disfunction
    It's not something that seemed to happen until having chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Ok, it happened a couple of times but was more than likely due to...
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    12 Jan 2019 Naked Attraction
    I'm nearly always trimmed and encourage my GF to as I think it looks much sexier than a full bush. I know this is all "each to their own". I...
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    12 Jan 2019 How did your day start?
    We both woke in a sexy mood and I asked if she wanted to try out her new LH 6" realistic dildo that I got for her. She said she would but as I...
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    12 Jan 2019 Returning due to medical condition
    I have often thought about getting a pump too and have contemplated asking my GP about viagra.
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    12 Jan 2019 Hello there
    Many thanks for the "hello" from everybody, it's nice to feel welcomed. Not managed to use the dildo yet but she was well up for it this...
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    6 Jan 2019 Returning due to medical condition
    Hi there, until reading this I've not spoken to anybody except my GF, my doctor and very close pals about my ED. I (and my GP) think it's down to my...
    Introduce Yourself
    6 Jan 2019 Hello there
    Hello to everybody. Just want to say hello and let you know who I am. I chose the name for an obvious reason 😉 Been with my GF for 14 years and will...
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    6 Jan 2019 How big is your cock?
    I've never really considered myself to be well endowed and for years was very shy about my manhood. When I was a lot younger I had an incredibly...
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    6 Jan 2019 What do you prefer: Naked or Sexy Underwear
    My GF used to wear sexy lingerie and maids outfit for me but then she fell pregnant and she hasn't done since. Until recently that is. She now wears...
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    6 Jan 2019 Other half seems to have lost sex drive
    When the GF and I got together we were at it like rabbits and had sex toys, lingerie and plenty of experimentation. In fact the best orgasm she has...
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    6 Jan 2019 Tasting own cum
    I'm a straight guy that has very few hang ups when it come to my sex life. One day my GF blurted out, as I was cumming, that she wanted me to lick...
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