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    As my username suggests I find going down on my wife a major turn on, there's just something about bringing her to the big O with just my tongue that I love.

    Another big turn on is watching each other masturbate solo or with toys together.

    We love bringing toys and lingerie into bed with us and playing with oil on each other.

    A major turn off of mine is girls that hate talking about or experimenting with sex. Everyone should love it and do it often in my opinion.


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    16 Jul 2017 Shaved shaft or hairy?
    Shaved shaft and balls, above I keep trimmed and short(it just looks a lot better I find), OH is completely shaved.
    Sex Tips & Talk
    16 Jul 2017 Silly Sunday pondering: if toys come alive...
    Funnily enough I have also wondered this, when it came to a certain movie trilogy! I came to the conclusion that they (adult toys) wouldn't purely...
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    10 Jul 2017 How many men REALLY use masturbaters, vibrators and how?
    I have a normal fleshlight and a quickshot fleshlight, me and the wife like to use them together, when she's not in the mood she'll use the quickshot...
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    9 Jul 2017 Nervous
    Also new here so hi 🖑
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    8 Jul 2017 The movie name game
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    7 Jul 2017 Last Film You Watched Part 2
    Wonder woman, very good film.
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    7 Jul 2017 New to the site
    Thank you all for the warm welcome. Looking forward to getting involved, seems like a very friendly community.
    Introduce Yourself
    6 Jul 2017 New to the site
    Hi all, new to the community so thought I'd say hello.I'm a 32 year old guy, married to my gorgeous wife for 13 Years this August. We are very much...
    Introduce Yourself
    6 Jul 2017 What was your last sexual thought about ?
    Jovon wrote: Mine was a minute ago before I posted this and it was about thinking of what flashlight to use ! Make sure it's a...
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    6 Jul 2017 What hobbies or interests do you have?
    Urban explorer is my main hobby, I also like rock climbing and playing video games occasionally.
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    5 Jul 2017 Hearing your neighbours having sex... Turn on or turn off?!
    My wife and I find it a turn on when we hear our neighbours going at it. Which funnily enough is usually after we have got in bed and started playing....
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    25 Jun 2017 Sex Toy Testers 0


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