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    19 Jun 2013 Do you eat/swallow your own cum? [Guys]
    ive licked my OH  out after cumming inside her and licked it of her clit n tits tastes so good !!
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    29 Aug 2012 So where is everyone from?
     born n bred in sheffield now residing in walsall
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    28 Aug 2012 how do I ask him to -F- me without looking desperate?
     a few years ago i fancied nxt door neighbour n i wanted to fuck her so i just said to her one day "im going to fuck you " yeah we...
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    23 Aug 2012 Where do you like to shoot or him to shoot his load?
     i love to cum anywhere on in oh ,she loves it on her clit i usually suck her clit after ive cum on it ill lick her out after ive cum inside her...
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    18 Aug 2012 Guys and big boobs...
     i love big boobs the bigger the better nothing better than a big pair of boobs to play with as ur sucking pussy while shes sat on my face...
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    27 Nov 2012 sidewinder 4


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