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    I'm a happily married woman who's been with her husband for 25 years. I love to write, mostly contemporary erotica and paranormal romance. I use my own personal experiences to help me write the sex scenes - I'm a swinger and my husband and I regularly attend swingers clubs, usually every weekend!


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    28 Dec 2011 Durex Play Tingle Personal Lubricant 60mlDurex Play Tingle Personal Lubricant 60ml Would highly recommend Shwinger-Em 9 out of 10


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    18 Aug 2012 Films that make you go WHOA!
    I was flicking through Sky's film channels a couple of nights ago and came across the tail end of a film that choked me. From what I could gather,...
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    13 Aug 2012 Pain after sex
    I've also had the Mirena Coil fitted and get pain after sex and sometimes a little vaginal bleeding. I went to my GP to get it checked and she said...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    5 Jul 2012 Sugar wax on the genital area?
    Thanks for the comments and advice ladies :)  I've found a couple of recipes and it looks as if I'll have to get a sugar thermometer - I think my...
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    5 Jul 2012 Sugar wax on the genital area?
    I've been thinking of trying sugar wax on my legs as I'm fed up of shaving.  Then I wondered, can you use sugar wax on your genital area as well?...
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    7 Jun 2012 Do women taste different ?
    Yes women taste dfferent (vaginal juices from the inside) and I always taste the same according to my hubby so don't know if food makes a difference.
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    7 Jun 2012 'Sex Rules' to get us back on track??
    I agree with Grimm and tronic.  If it were me, I'd sit next to him on the sofa and begin touching him.  Stroke and caress him, let your hand...
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    1 Jun 2012 Threesome's
    My husband and I have been together for 25 years and have been swingers for just over a year now.  We've had 3somes and we do full swaps (in the...
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    31 May 2012 Newbie's Initiation Test
    Age - 43 Gender - Female Relationship Status - Married Sexual Preference - Straight but will play with women to turn my hubby on...
    Introduce Yourself
    31 May 2012 Who to pick as a third person...
    I would advise you talk, talk and talk some more before even contemplating approaching someone else.  There are all sorts of questions you need...
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    31 May 2012 any one else have a partner with low sex drive?
    I have a couple of friends in this sitiuation.  The woman is highly sexed but her husband has a low sex drive.  Fortunately for them,...
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    31 May 2012 Calling all naturists/nudists - We need your help!
    MrBumpyBear wrote: Wow, thanks all. I've found a few possible links from the various naturist organisations in the UK (it appears that...
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    1 Jun 2012 Sex Toy Testers 7


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