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    love sex with my OH...horny in general.Love wearing lingerie with my OH and having hot sessions
    Like to relax and chat about anything
    Love latex


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    2 Jan 2012 Renegade Rubber Latex Briefs with SheathRenegade Rubber Latex Briefs with Sheath Nice and tight Shiny 9 out of 10


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    6 Feb 2013 Can you think yourself to orgasm??...
    Guess I'm lucky ..or have a filthy mind. Havent done it often but the feeling when you tip over from precome to ejaculation is mindblowing. My...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    2 Dec 2012 Taking a break from a relationship.
    No good time for this. He could be miserable over christmas ...or be in a position to meet others socially. Does he get you a nice christmas gift and...
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    2 Dec 2012 What is it i just love it when she makes me cum in my underwear
    My favourites are my latex sheath pants - she also loves when I wear them and before we start a night of fun I am......encouraged to come in...
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    29 Nov 2012 Can you think yourself to orgasm??...
    Would recomend that anyone should give it a go. The outcome is a full body climax awesome
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    27 Nov 2012 Sex in public.
    On a bus. She sat on by knee and we made as if we ere sharing the seat and looking out the window....reality was she had unzipped me and was wearing...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    27 Nov 2012 Can you think yourself to orgasm??...
    I posted something on this a while back. I've done it a few times but found it takes time, focus and and a hightensense of sexuality. Its an awesome...
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    9 Sep 2012 Experimenting after you solo orgasm is it just me?
    Inspired by some of the comments I tried an experiment. Hooked the back of .my heels over the end of the bed...A highish bedstead. Tucked a pillow...
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    20 Aug 2012 Turn ons
    my favourite (and budget) latex wear from LH are my trusty renagade rubber sheath briefs. I have a pair of dark opaque tights in which I have cut a...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    12 Aug 2012 Turn ons
    Many people have something that turns them on a littlle whoever wears it. I will always subconsciously twitch seeing someone in Latex, PVC or wetlook...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    7 Aug 2012 Men in Women's Underwear
    I suppose my avatar gives my thoughts away. Linerie is just so horny to wear.....the silkier and shinier the better. I usually wear panties to work a...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    22 Jul 2012 Hi, LH forum people
    Welcome...I think you'll find all sorts with varied opinions....all have had different experiences at different times
    Introduce Yourself
    20 Jul 2012 Men in Women's Underwear
    Yeah Davyj - i'm also lucky, my OH finds it a turn on and gets horny when I wear lingerie.....We've had some really hot sessions just stroking and...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    18 Jul 2012 Men in Women's Underwear
    Funny...we're all different....if anything I'm probably more dominant (It doesnt make me feel submissive anyway) when whearing lingerie.....texture...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    9 Jul 2012 wish me luck.......
    Sounds a hot time .... and the f machine was the cream on the cake. Sounds as if you enjoyed it ....and he did to
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    8 Jul 2012 Hairy back a no no??
    I'm naturally hairy, but keep trimmed down there....def not bald.  Luckily my OH likes haity men...she uses me as a hot water bottle :)
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    7 Jul 2012 Going to Amsterdam!
    The Van Gough is def worth a visit
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    7 Jul 2012 wish me luck.......
    Keep us posted.................latex number ....mmmmhhh!
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    3 Jul 2012 Watching gay men - strangely arousing?!
    Cant say two guys does anything for me........seems more exciting to women.......(not all ..dont bash me)  and gay men. Doesnt seem to do...
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    1 Jul 2012 Holiday Horn
    I live there:)
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    1 Jul 2012 What do you prefer: Naked or Sexy Underwear
    Sexy lingerie every time.....Satin silk or ruffled lace  turns me on  WOW!
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