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    im cd that has been dressing for years started the usual way trying on mums clothes etc but due to not being passable i only dress on an off as ive never had the convedence so im what you call still in the closet an like most people my fetishes and turn ons are varied which i have learnt to keep them to myself over the years but recently i have noticed myself looking and day dreaming over a certain women's body part which years ago i never thought i really like


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    18 Nov 2018 How long does it take to cum from a bj?
    Ever since what happend to me i now hate having blowjobs. women are suprised when i tell them and laugh but they still try it. Many relationships...
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    18 Nov 2018 The pubes must go!
    I've always wanted to know what women thought about their lady gardens etc and I hope i don't offend any women on here as this wasn't my intention...
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    23 Jun 2017 Help - Erectile Dysfunction
    i hope this don't sound offencive my ex use to poke and make fun of me for i too suffer from this and ive had it for awhile now my ex use to order me...
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    23 Jun 2017 What's your fantasy
    WOW mine seems pointless after reading all this as it may offend
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    23 Jun 2017 clean shaven or bush?
    i have always loved the natural looking the trimmed and sometimes the shaven vagina, for me tho a natural one makes a woman look beautiful and from...
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    23 Jun 2017 Who is your guilty pleasure?
    here are mine Scarlett Johanssen Rachel Riley carol vorderman milla jovovich angelina jolie charlie theron
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    23 Jun 2017 Has anybody ever had a golden shower?
    not a big fan of it though i do like to watch women pee i never use to but a woman i was once with wanted me to watch the closest i will get is...
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    23 Jun 2017 What not to say before, during and after sex!
    i over heard a woman say to her friend that after they did it he said now that is a great stress release
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    23 Jun 2017 What sex secrets do you have that would shock your colleagues / family?
    if my friends and family knew what i did i think not only shock them but be disapointed with me i once went to see a tv and gave her a blowjob...
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    23 Jun 2017 Foot fetish couples
    i have a really big thing for womens feet ever since i can remember and for me i just tell them straight that i have a thing for female feet so far...
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    23 Jun 2017 Ladies, do you swallow?
    ever since what happend to me i now HATE with a passion blowjobs and women seem to get funny over it and say im weird so now i dont eat them as i...
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    23 Jun 2017 How do people feel about rimming??
    i prefer to give it that recieve ive always had a thing for womens bums so to be able to lick one for me was amazing i think my ex loved it too...
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    23 Jun 2017 whats your most relaxing thing to do
    for me to relax is to ride my mootorcycle or restore my other one or even just laying on the sofa without the tv radio etc on
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    23 Jun 2017 What uniforms turns you on the most & why?
    i think for me it has to be secretaries female nurses and doctors maids female stewadesses to name a few
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    23 Jun 2017 How many times in 24 hours do you think of sex?
    i use to think about it 24/7 but now it feels less an less i even turn it away even in relationships think it is down to the problem i have
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    23 Jun 2017 Bedroom flops...
    it was about 4 years ago now that it happend one day the ex came home and was all over me which i was supprised as she never did that before so i...
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    23 Jun 2017 Squirting
    my ex use to squirt and i loved it when she did as i was the very first person she ever did it in front of she even use to ask if she could squirt...
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    23 Jun 2017 Hello there
    hi everyone as you might guess im another newbie here although i was in two minds weather to join or not due to me being a cd but now that i have...
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