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    hi my RL name is jason im a happily married man, me and my wife try to have sex as much as we can as now we have a baby girl.

    we love this site so much and we have and will be buying from this site for along time, regular sex is boring and we love to mix it up every time we get the chance to get freaky :P


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    28 Mar 2019 Lovehoney Desire Luxury USB Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate MassagerLovehoney Desire Luxury USB Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate Massager Great Prostate Massager sexyJ991 10 out of 10
    15 Aug 2013 Three Extra Inches Penis Extender SleeveThree Extra Inches Penis Extender Sleeve OMG, wow great buy sexyJ991 10 out of 10


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    19 Apr 2017 Pegging
    that is really hard for me to get out of her she is very closed and stuff like sex im not so sure why but there is reasons it took her 5 years to...
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    18 Apr 2017 weirdest fetish or turn on?
    i like wearing diapers and its extreamly sexy when women wear them its a right turn on, yeah its weird but its damn hot and sexy for me and the...
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    18 Apr 2017 Pegging
    Lil_Red_Kinkyboots wrote: Hi, okay first thing I have to ask is - have you used anal toys or had anal sex with her? She may...
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    18 Apr 2017 Pegging
    so hi guys im a straight man happily married and have an ok sex life, but i would like to try pegging with my wife, just thinking about her fucking...
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    8 Dec 2016 male anal sex
    mamz wrote: That's totally not gay. But if I was your wife, I'd be so mad at you for using my sex toys. You...
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    7 Dec 2016 male anal sex
    heya guys so im a guy and im married to my beautiful wife yes a woman but i was wondering does it make me gay to like anal sex to my self or to...
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    7 Apr 2017 next on the list 8
    18 Apr 2017 really want wish list 10
    8 Aug 2018 Sex Toy Testers 2


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