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    4 Feb 2016 Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Compact Male MasturbatorFleshlight Quickshot Vantage Compact Male Masturbator For me, the best stroker out there Sensuous58 10 out of 10
    13 Jan 2015 Tracey Cox EDGE Maximum Control Adjustable Stamina RingTracey Cox EDGE Maximum Control Adjustable Stamina Ring The best cock ring ever Sensuous58 10 out of 10
    13 Jan 2015 Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Love RingTracey Cox Supersex Silicone Love Ring Fun - but not quite the ticket Sensuous58 7 out of 10
    3 Jan 2015 Lovehoney Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant 100mlLovehoney Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant 100ml A lube-lover's delight Sensuous58 10 out of 10
    17 Dec 2014 Screaming O Open Faced StrokerScreaming O Open Faced Stroker You won't believe how good this feels Sensuous58 10 out of 10


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    18 May 2016 Describe your sex life with the title of a song
    Oh no...B A Robertson! I used to hate that smug, iriritating, talentless b***er so much I used him as an orgasm retardant - you know, when you...
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    13 Apr 2016 Porn mags - does anyone still use them
    I'd give a lot to watch Fiona Bruce telling some punter that his precious copy of Razzle isn't worth anything like as much as he hopes,...
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    12 Apr 2016 Porn mags - does anyone still use them
    There's a thriving second hand market in old porn mags, so I'm told. Not the weird esoteric stuff either, just your trusty old Fiesta,...
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    14 Feb 2016 fleshlight
    Hi and welcome. I think the short answer is Yes - provided you get the right one for you. The full size ones are big and heavy and men of...
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    29 Jan 2016 Pubic hair.... Best ways or tips to remove.
    Conditioner really does work well as a shaving cream. I've even shaved my face with it from time to time. One tip I'd add is: exfoliate...
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    12 Aug 2015 Pubic hair on men, on/off?
    Shaving the scrotum's a lot easier than you'd think. I was scared the first couple of times I did it, and once or twice I've given...
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    11 Aug 2015 whats your thoughts on prostate massage
    Recently I saw an amazing video of a guy using one of those Aneros prostate stimulators and I'm wondering whether to try it. But it seems you...
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    11 Aug 2015 Profile Names
    I'm always stumped by requests to 'choose a username' and picked the word 'sensuous' on the spur of the moment as it was on the...
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    11 Aug 2015 pubic hair some or none?
    It's just a matter of doing what you're both happy with. Just now I'm fully shaved and Mrs S has a small landing strip. I've been...
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    9 Aug 2015 Ladies advice on pubic hair removal
    I'm also a man (sorry!) but I've been shaving now for almost a year and I found that what really helped was to exfoliate before shaving. I...
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    2 Aug 2015 How many people have you slept with?
    Nineteen women, four men. The men are all long in the past, and all but one of the relationships with women (my wife!) would have been before...
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    22 Jul 2015 Porn Movies - What do you Love\Hate?
    Mainstream porn movies simply irritate me. Tthere must be dildos in the 3 for £10 offer with more intelligence and sensitivity than the...
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    17 Jul 2015 What was the color of your first sex toy?
    A sort of Elastoplast-y pink. Bought it in a sex shop in Soho.
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    17 Jul 2015 Getting it on songs.....what's your favourite' s?
    I recently discovered a pile of old Orb CDs while clearing out a cupboard and as each one runs for oveer an hour, and the beat never gets much...
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    17 Jul 2015 clean shaven or bush?
    Well as the hair grows longer the itch lessens so yes, a few days. I like the brazilian for getting all the bits hidden away (sorry tmi) but...
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    15 Jul 2015 Erectile dysfunction help?
    I can recommend a good cock ring as that's what I've used and it really does help. Check out the Tracey Cox Edge adjustable - I've...
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    15 Jul 2015 clean shaven or bush?
    Could I ask a question of the ladies - and especially men - who wax? Some of you seem to have a problem with itching after waxing. Does that wear...
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    29 Jun 2015 Kanye West at Glastonbury
    I was still getting over Paloma Faith on Saturday evening. Ooh I do fancy that girl something rotten. And still grumping about having to attend...
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    2 Jun 2015 Films that make you go WHOA!
    Schwinger M, I think the post nuclear holocaust movie you were watching could have been 'On The Beach'. The novel it's based on is by...
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    20 May 2015 Top 5 celebrities on the "I'd love to have a go on that!!" List!
    Lucy Worsley Ruby Tandoh, of the Great British Bake Off - wasting my time there, as it turns out, but a man can dream.... Dr Lisa Chimes,...
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