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    7 Nov 2019 Masturbation abstinence in a relationship?
    Does anyone not masturbate when in a relationship or try not to as much? My husband does not have quite as high sex drive as me and generally doesn't...
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    11 Sep 2019 Being more open
    I think all the posts are correct, we are getting more open and relaxed generally across the last 1-2 generations I feel. Not all the time and some...
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    28 Aug 2019 Girls, any views on thongs for men?
    I just see them as another option for underwear that some men will like to wear and others will just prefer other styles. My husband is in his mid...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    14 May 2019 Magic Wands on penis
    My husband loves to use my wand although it works too well on him and he cannot last long with it before he cums! If it's for foreplay I may use it...
    Sex Toys
    15 Mar 2019 Any men with penis piercings?
    My hubby has one and got it done for his 30th bithday so has had it nearly 15 years. He doesn't have any other piercings or tatoos but wanted a PA....
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    14 Nov 2018 The pubes must go!
    Me and my husband have both been smooth for year, once he shaved his off he found he much preferred it. He shaved for a few years but now we both go...
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    14 Nov 2018 Girls, what would you think of your guy wearing a thong?
    My husband has a high flying job in London and he is always wearing a suit and has worn thongs for years. He was the one that wanted to try them in...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    26 Oct 2018 Ladies with piercings downstairs? Recommended?
    I would say definitely recommended. I've had one for over 10 years now and it's great, I think it looks really nice and it definitely feels really...
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    17 Jan 2018 Prince albert
    Quiet ones are worse! wrote: steph&mike wrote: My boyfriend is wanting one and I'm very excited for him to...
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    6 Dec 2017 Boyfriend Getting a Prince Albert Piercing. Good Idea?
    My hubby has one with no problems so if you are both for it then go for it. He got one in his early 30's, now in his early 40's so he's...
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    2 Nov 2017 Any men, boyfriends or husbands with no pubes?
    My hubby has been shaved smooth for years and I think this is very common. He didn't like all the hair at all and tried trimming but has just...
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    3 Oct 2017 Ladies, age and frequency of masturbation?
    I just had my 49th birthday and felt the need to treat myself to a few replacements in my toy collection so now have a wand and new dildo . When I...
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    21 Sep 2017 Where do married women masturbate?
    I generally have a few places depending on the situation and time of day. The shower in a morning is often a good place. In the daytime if he is...
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    5 Jul 2017 Male Thong Wearers
    My hubby has worn thongs for about the last 15 years now. I has not really seen them before but he saw them and wanted to give them a try. I...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    5 Jul 2017 Males wax or shave
    My hubby shaved it all for ages then started using Veet which he preferred on top with still shaving underneath.
    Sex Tips & Talk
    5 Jul 2017 Shaved shaft or hairy?
    Hubby has shaved everything for years then started using Veet a few years ago which he said gave a better result and less itching. For the last few...
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    14 Jun 2017 Hanging out (clean but 'dirty') washing
    We don't have anything really to hang out that would be seen so not a problem for us. I am always careful to clean sex toys up and pack them...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    14 Jun 2017 What you think about male thongs?
    Peggingand fun wrote: I wouldn't to go around whale tailing it with your shirt off Agreed! I have no problem with my...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    11 Jun 2017 What you think about male thongs?
    Probably much more normal than you would think and I think prefectly acceptable today if a guy wants to wear thongs. My hubby has worn thongs now...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    8 Apr 2017 Does you O/H know how much or when you masturbate?
    My hubby knows I masturbate pretty frequently and loves to watch me especially using toys but has no idea about my private time in a morning using...
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