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    Officially this is a couple's profile, but since I do most of the posting you might find a slight male bias! We love to include straps, slaps and buzzy things in our playtime, and like to experiment with new ideas.
    Now with a shiny new blog to pimp too... www.sandablogs.wordpress.com
    email: sandamail(AT)sky(DOT)com


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    Date See the product Read the review Reviewer Rating
    25 Feb 2012 Lovehoney 10 Speed Dream Bullet VibratorLovehoney 10 Speed Dream Bullet Vibrator Nice dream sanda 7 out of 10
    24 Feb 2012 Lovehoney Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug PurpleLovehoney Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug Purple Booty call sanda 9 out of 10
    24 Feb 2012 Lovehoney Finger Smoothie VibratorLovehoney Finger Smoothie Vibrator Linger Fickin' Good sanda 8 out of 10
    10 Feb 2012 Lovehoney Love Bear Bullet VibratorLovehoney Love Bear Bullet Vibrator Smarter than the average bear... sanda 8 out of 10
    16 Jan 2012 Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo SetTracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set So glad we persevered sanda 10 out of 10
    4 Jan 2012 Lovehoney BASICS Chunky Waterproof Vibrating Cock RingLovehoney BASICS Chunky Waterproof Vibrating Cock Ring Simply the best sanda 10 out of 10
    1 Jan 2012 Sex & Mischief Flirt Our First Bondage KitSex & Mischief Flirt Our First Bondage Kit Not our first, probably not our last sanda 7 out of 10
    1 Jan 2012 Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Love RingTracey Cox Supersex Silicone Love Ring Not sure what to expect sanda 6 out of 10
    1 Jan 2012 Tracey Cox Supersex Limited Edition 3 Speed Bullet VibratorTracey Cox Supersex Limited Edition 3 Speed Bullet Vibrator Trying something new sanda 8 out of 10


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    Date Message Where?
    29 Apr 2012 Giving Head!
     Hmmm, tough question.  If I said I didn't enjoy receiving then I be lying.  But a lot of the pleasure I derive from sex is seeing my...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    22 Apr 2012 Lovehoney's 10th Birthday Competition!
     Torn as usual about what to buy for my Wife for our anniversary, I decided to be a little more daring than usual.  Since the gift option...
    Inside Lovehoney
    17 Apr 2012 Favourite TV & Cartoon Theme Songs
     Toss up between Dangermouse & Red Dwarf
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    12 Apr 2012 Ladies, does your bloke know how much you use your toys or play alone?
    Cuddly Hubby wrote: I've also told her that I look forward to catching her in the act, and that I'll be very pleased (and aroused) by this....
    Sex Toys
    5 Mar 2012 Lovehoney App
    Hmm, can't see them sneaking that one past the guardians at the gates of the App Store... A more Mobile Friendly community part of the site would be...
    Inside Lovehoney
    27 Feb 2012 What are the odds?
    I've been trying so hard to resist doing this but I just can't hold back any more... ^^^What a bunch of wankers you lot are^^^ Sorry, just couldn't...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    27 Feb 2012 What are the odds?
    Just a bit of fun, no actual bets will be taken and please, no money should change hands... So...  What do you reckon are your chances of...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    26 Feb 2012 What day to day things trigger your horny side?
     Eyes.  They're my weak point.  A nice pair of eyes and i'm off in to a world of imagination...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    26 Feb 2012 Anyone know any good jokes?
     SG, they're getting better and worse all at the same time...!!! LilMissFrustrated wrote: At least you kind of redeem yourself with...
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    25 Feb 2012 What uniforms turns you on the most & why?
     We've not really got in to dress up (yet), but from recent chats/wearing of policemans hats, I think th OH might go for me as policeman or...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    21 Feb 2012 How long could you go without watching porn?
    Just until the OH says "Fancy watching some porn tonight?" Or until I have the house to myself, but usually only so I can txt the OH...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    12 Feb 2012 Voutured/Birthday discount... anyone had issues?
     I had this last year but tbh thought it went in my favour, just put a couple of extras in as suggested by MTC.  I thought LH were doing...
    Sex Toys
    9 Feb 2012 Porn Collection
    ukwanker wrote:sanda wrote: You're a freelance software designer I think?  I'm assuming you don't do that on the 90's looking 15" CRT...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    7 Feb 2012 Porn Collection
    Right, ok then, now I'm not saying whether you're real or not UK, I've seen too many things in life to jump one way or the other.  But, lets...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    3 Feb 2012 Music-Activated Sex Toys - Best Songs for Pleasure?
    Amelie wrote:  Not going to lie that sounds amazing! Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries would make for a quite literally epic...
    Sex Toys
    29 Jan 2012 Ginger 'Figging'
    YesChef wrote: sanda wrote: 2, Quote "Yarp".  Is that a word?  Above kudos could be recinded if you can't demonstrate...
    Sex Toys
    27 Jan 2012 Ginger 'Figging'
     @ BashfulBabe 1, Kudos on the dictionary definition of 'figging' and the summarised history lesson.  Very informative. 2, Quote...
    Sex Toys
    26 Jan 2012 Fanny Farts
     Am I the only one sniggering like Beavis & Butthead everytime I read this thread title?  (OK, yes, so I'm just a typical bloke......
    Sex Tips & Talk
    26 Jan 2012 Deal of the Day - Tracey Cox Supersex Super Bullet Vibrator Yes/No
    Kirsty_x wrote: Oh I wish my OH was as willing as that! He'd never want to take it out in public! :(   Don't tell him till it's too...
    Sex Toys
    20 Jan 2012 Couple friendly porn
     A lot here depends on your definition of 'couple friendly'.  A couple of places we have found what we think is good stuff is The Romance...
    Sex Toys


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