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    Straight and married
    Love sex especially oral
    I dont like too much hair , its a bit of a turn off for me sometimes


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    17 Apr 2012 sex problems
    My  OH is tortured with it and thats without sex , Her  GP examined her , treating her for  " dryness "  post menapause...
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    17 Apr 2012 Happy National Condom Day! What's your favourite?
    Pasante trim  Size matters when you are either large or ,  as in my case , not large.
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    12 Apr 2012 why some women love giving oral sex but not keen for it to be done to them
    It is the opposite in my case , She likes it done to her but not keen to do it to me
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    9 Apr 2012 Sleeping naked appreciation thread...
    I always sleep naked ,  Nothing to do with sex, well , maybe occassionally , but its much more comfortable and relaxing and I always sleep...
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    3 Apr 2012 How old are you and is your sex life improving with age? - Part 2
    I am 70  OH is 65  , together 40 years , It was fine if very ordinary for years but it doesnt happen now and hasnt for a long time , I would...
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    3 Apr 2012 dryness
    ladies  ,  Any cures for dryness , I mean a  " dry vagina " , Its making her loose interest ,
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