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    Cheeky, feminine, funny, caring, talkative, unique. I have been told I bring people out of their shell sexually and they feel comfortable to finally be open and honest about their interests, fantasies and even issues. I myself am very open and comfortable sexually. I have taught friends and partners things they never knew or were afraid to ask. I enjoy teaching people about sexuality and helping them discover their true self and finding solutions to problems. I have a lot of knowledge, experience (some interesting ones!) and a very large collection of sex toys, lingerie and dress ups! At age 30 now I am finally completely comfortable with my own sexuality and know exactly what I like. It's a good feeling.


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    2 Jul 2015 Lovehoney G-Slim Smoothie G-Spot VibratorLovehoney G-Slim Smoothie G-Spot Vibrator Perfectly powerful and curved just right Pink ice and some spice 10 out of 10


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    2 Jul 2015 Sex toy tester 7


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