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    I am a bi male that enjoys cross dressing and my wife is ok with that .we do not have sex anymore after she had cancer treatment so rather than play away I get pleasure from toys .I have a f*cking machine with an adapter that holds a flesh light which is great for hands free ejaculation .I use the machine to take anal and love it more when dressed in sexy undies .Any seex is good sex when I get the chance with guys or gals or guy gals !


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    28 Jun 2017 Christy Mack Attack Textured Fleshlight GirlsChristy Mack Attack Textured Fleshlight Girls Perfect pleasure pantieman 10 out of 10


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    18 Aug 2018 Any ideas on online places to get high heels for male crossdressers?
    I bought all mine size 10 from Hayway Shoes but I think they closed but you can find them on ebay .
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    18 Aug 2018 Guy trying anal first time
    Good advise I received from a gay friend is to push like you are about to poo and the toy will go in easier as you open up .
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    3 Aug 2018 What would u want
    Lock him in a chastity device and release him on ' special days ' 
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    28 Jul 2018 Has hot weather changed what you use
    I am stripped to a thong and loving the freedom !
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    10 Jul 2018 Lactation sex?
    I role play as an adult baby sometimes and would love to be breast fed but not found the right lady yet !
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    3 Jun 2018 Tasting your own cum
    I wank into a shot glass and down it with a nice chardonay wine ! Do it quick before you lose the mood .
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    30 Jan 2018 Who is the most famous person you ever met??
    I met Princes Diana when I was a motorcycle courier and had to take the film to the newspaper .Lovely proffessional lady
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    30 Jan 2018 Pubic Hair Survey
    I keep my cock and balls hair free .I do my chin daily with an electric razor and give downstairs a wizz at the same time .
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    23 Nov 2017 Bi-Sexual males
    As a CD I do enjoy sex with men but get the impression that if I was not dressed as fem they would be less interested .When my wife was in good...
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    17 Nov 2017 Do you sleep with your OH in the same or seperate bedrooms?
    We have not shared the same bedroom for at least 10 years and it works well .My wife was a nurse that worked shifts so always had trouble sleeping...
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    11 Nov 2017 Ladies - Is size really important?
    Girth is better than length I suggest as its no point being long if you can't touch the sides !
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    17 Oct 2017 Love Anal but OH isn’t at all interested, also am I bicurious, or just a chick with dick fantasy?!
    As a bi CD with a wife that is ok with that makes me lucky I think .Maybe you should be open with your lady and she may suprise you as mine did...
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    10 Aug 2017 Shaved pits and bits?
    Naturally , I don't have much body hair on my legs etc but I do like to trim rather than shave as the ingrowing hairs after shaving can be...
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    29 Jul 2017 Solo anal?
    I have a f*ucking machine that does the thrusting work when solo and can select the size i want in me ,no need for partner intervension -lol
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    26 Jul 2017 Straight guys who love anal play
    I am a fan of T-girls that are drop dead gorgeous ladies with a bonus and have tried having sex with them .If you have never had a real one up you...
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    26 Jul 2017 Spit/swallow or neither
    As a bi guy I prefer to swallow his load as it makes no mess to clean up from furniture etc .A quick wash down with a nice chardonay works well and...
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    11 Jul 2017 Circumcised or foreskin
    I am uncut as nature intended and find the extra sensivity can lead to an early climax but usually my partner can keep up .As a kid I learned to...
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    9 Jul 2017 Where are you from?
    Born in Birmingham but now in Coventry
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    5 Jul 2017 Oldies Encouragement Thread- sex toys ARE for you.
    I agree about the Tv adds hitting on over 50's with funeral plans etc as though we have one foot in the grave !! I am 61 and was in a...
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    5 Jul 2017 Excited for my delivery
    Love getting parcels .I have another flesh light girl on the way .I want them all !
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