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    Very active runner, sailor and lover!

    Romantic to my core, with a love of good food and elegant women. Have a passion for the finest lingerie, the smoothest nylon stockings matched with the most fabulous heels...... and the old fashioned notion of being chic. We have a thing for taking glamourous amorous photos, having fun outside, and indulgence.


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    21 Jan 2020 3some good or bad
    Something we are looking to explore too.... we both feel it would be a huge Saturn on.... the how is the next step.....
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    21 Jan 2020 Ménage a trois....
    So new year and new horizons.... after some rather fun discussion we have decided to explore the option of a third for our fun....   one question...
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    22 Sep 2019 Filming ourselves
    This is something we adore. It taeks some planning - the right time the setting, the outfit ( lingerie etc ) and then see where to moment goes.......
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    1 Sep 2019 How many smooth couples?
    All bare here. 
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    15 Jul 2019 New lingerie time!
    Looks good - very boobacious
    Lingerie & Clothing
    13 Jul 2019 Skinny Dipping ?
    I / We love skinny dipping. Its a regular thing in the warm months. We sail - so that makes things easy, hop off the bak of the boat in a quiet...
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    3 Jan 2019 Help needed - quiet vibrators?
    Of the toys we enjoy the bullet and the new Lelo pebble are the most fun - welcome to a world of discovery ! 
    Sex Toys
    10 Sep 2018 Best position for anal
    To start with try spooning... slowly... then when you have “got into it” try one thing a little more adventurous.... on all fours.... and then...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    8 Sep 2018 No knickers
    Ms SLG likes the sans knicker approach. Tight dress? Holdups and no knicks... Skinny jeans - no VPL. then she likes the freedom of nothing under a...
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    9 May 2018 Retro pin up girls and burlesque
    We Love burlesque! Weve been wainting for Dita VT to come over for ages and have tickets!
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    2 Mar 2018 Strangest place you had sex
    A cleaners store in a National Trust stately home. I t needed some life Fu£$ing into it! Dusty old dump.
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    2 Mar 2018 Kinky weird fantasies?
    Us making love with an audience.
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    2 Mar 2018 What Was The Last Thing You Had In Your Mouth? pt.3
    Brew Dog - dark black heart.
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    2 Feb 2018 List of Places We Have Had Sex
    Ok here goes :- Outdoors (fields woods meadows beeches and in the sea) Hotel balcony - france and the caribean On deck of a yacht -...
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    2 Feb 2018 so how did you meet your OH?
    Our eyes met across a crowded room. We went on on date. And that was it - smitten.
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    1 Feb 2018 Watching and being watched.
    Being watched has been on our list of things to do though we havent figured out the "how" yet. This thread (excellent by the way) might...
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    1 Feb 2018 Pubic Hair Survey
    Her - waxed perfection, myself - neat trim. She has always been a hollywood girl - just prefers the feel and the sensuality. Myself - i wouldnt...
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    1 Feb 2018 Rating your sex life out of 10
    Id give us 7.5 to 8.5 depending on how tired Mrs SG is. When we are on holiday its 10 all the way - relaxed lots of sleep and sun - its a heady...
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    20 Jul 2016 Thong Bikinis
    If you have the confidence to strut your stuff in a thong bikini they go for it ! Be proud of yourself and enjoy the plaudits. Have no doubt your...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    10 Jul 2016 Pubic Hairstyles
    zeros all round here!
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