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    Monday Would you rather?
    I would rather my partner nudge and me sexy outfit Wyr inside or outside secluded sex ?
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    Monday Lingerie Lovelies - REVIEWS
    I’d happily try any of the above in 18 plus size x
    Inside Lovehoney
    Monday Self pleasure
    Or surprise him ?
    Sex Tips & Talk
    Monday Self pleasure
    Also do I tell him what I’m thinking ?
    Sex Tips & Talk
    Monday Self pleasure
    I’m after some advise as I’m keen to try some toys it’s a new thing for me but my man works away for weeks at a time and I’m struggling with...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    Saturday Role Play
    I do have an outfit or two but I don’t usually use them as I find a better reaction with some new lingerie and some very high heels but I don’t mind...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    Saturday Started using toys, should I tell my boyfriend?
    I’ve been thinking about getting some toys as oh works away and fancy trialling but I would absolutely tell him he would find it a huge turn on I’m...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    Saturday When did you last have sex? Continued...
    Yesterday morning after a mammoth 7times the night before we only managed a two in the morning before we had to be adults !!
    Sex Tips & Talk
    5 Apr 2019 New man new levels
    Thanks for the tips guys you are all so knowledgeable !! I shall continue to let him carry on but also every now and again I’ll take control and make...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    31 Mar 2019 New man new levels
    I am in a newish relationship after a long time with my ex the sex was always ok but always Missionary or doggy and never a sign of oral orgasms were...
    Sex Tips & Talk


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