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    New to all this, trying to find likes and dislikes and get advice :)


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    29 Jul 2016 Lovehoney BASICS 6 Inch Suction Cup Realistic DildoLovehoney BASICS 6 Inch Suction Cup Realistic Dildo Amazing NervousNewbie 10 out of 10


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    19 Jul 2017 Best toys on a budget?
    Hi all. I'm fairly broke and fairly new to toys - would love to try different types but can't really spend more than £10 per toy (if...
    Sex Toys
    18 Jul 2017 Clitoral issues
    Thankyou all for your replies and advise, it is much appreciated :) . I have been to the about it before GP before, who gave me an extremely...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    13 Jul 2017 Clitoral issues
    Hi! Couldn't find an already existing thread for this. I posted months ago as I appear to have no clit. I found out that nearly 20% of women...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    24 Dec 2016 What's the ULTIMATE for you - Dildo or Vibrator?
    Tried 2 vibrators, literally hate the vibrating feeling was worth a try, but dildos for me.
    Sex Toys
    20 Dec 2016 Orgasm without a clitoris?
    Thankyou all for your helpful replies and advise :) definatly some got some things to try now! I have been reluctant to spend much on toys as...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    18 Dec 2016 Orgasm without a clitoris?
    Hi all, I'm very new to this website and the world of sex toys. I have an issue that seems very uncommon (no info on here, google and...
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