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    25 Jul 2012 What is your profile pic all about?
     a random pic from a quick google search. felt all bare without one! :) G
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    25 Jul 2012 THREE somes
     thinking about this interests me a lot. not for my OH tho. will have to work on it. plenty of time.  G
    Sex Tips & Talk
    25 Jul 2012 Vibrator use when married. How often is OK?
    margiemoo wrote: use it as much as you like i think it adds to the fun xx   here here G
    Sex Toys
    25 Jul 2012 Hi - We're new!
     cheers! currently at work, but been tracking the delivery. its arrived!! can we hold off until Saturday? ;) G
    Introduce Yourself
    24 Jul 2012 Hi - We're new!
     Thanks folks. Just getting a look around. will get a pic and more info up. Stamford will read ur review. cant wait until it comes. G
    Introduce Yourself
    24 Jul 2012 Hi - We're new!
     Nice welcome! lol. Not something we've ever considered. sorry. :)
    Introduce Yourself
    24 Jul 2012 Hi - We're new!
    Just signed up yesterday! Saying Hello!! Don't really know how much to say! Mr G & Miss N - Engaged - soon be 5 years together!  Came...
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