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    18 Dec 2019 G-string or thong - which do u prefer?
    I've tried a number of mens thong underwear and I can say my favourite is a g-string type and find them most comfortable.
    Lingerie & Clothing
    9 Dec 2019 Mutual Masturbation. Turn on or off?
    S&L* wrote: Nothing better seeing my partner playing with her rabbit Agreed, I love to see mine play with her toys, just play with herself or...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    26 Nov 2019 Post- vasectomy advice
    I got mine done a few years ago, same advice most have written above, rest, ice and tight underwear to keep things in place and stop them moving...
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    7 Nov 2019 Guys and their thongs
    I bought myself a thong when I was at university, I just wanted to try one and I found them very comfortable. My favorite are HOM Plume and I wear...
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    7 Nov 2019 Girls, any views on thongs for men?
    Mens view here as I've worn thong underwear for about 10 years now. I didn't really like big shorts anyway and first bought a thong  to try when I...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    7 Nov 2019 Experiences with Prince Albert Piercing?
    My girlfriend (soon to be wife in a couple of months) has a few body piercings including her nipples recently and her clit hood (before we met)....
    Sex Tips & Talk
    17 Sep 2019 How many times a day are you masturbating?
    A couple of time a week for me these days. My girlfriend is a bit of an expert and masturbates daily.
    Sex Toys
    7 Aug 2019 One for the Guys: Like or Hate cuming in your underwear?
    Depends on the situation but I do like enjoy cumming in my underwear and it's sometimes more practical than having to clean up a big load of cum...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    7 Aug 2019 How many smooth couples?
    Horneehubby wrote: Wife yes, but I’m just trimmed. Been thinking about it, but not sure if I could put up with any rashes, I’ve never got on with...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    4 Aug 2019 How many smooth couples?
    My girlfriend has always removed her pubes and got me into trimming and shaving when we got together and I prefer being smooth now. She talked me in...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    4 Aug 2019 Guys in Thongs?
    I started wearing thongs at university so over 10 years ago now. Most girls I've been with liked them and really one that didn't like them at all and...
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