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    Happily married to the love of my life. Enjoy him as much now as I did the first time. Enjoy it straight with a twist when we feel like it. Love him licking & suckling my 42f tits, love him drinking me in.


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    3 Sep 2017 Wedge pillow.
    We use a bolster pillow from IKEA. Under £10 & I love it.
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    22 Aug 2017 Cum kisses and cream pie
    I was licking it up at lunchtime ❤️
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    22 Aug 2017 Where do you like to shoot or him to shoot his load?
    Had him cum all over my tits at lunchtime & I loved rubbing it in & licking it off.
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    17 Sep 2014 One Musician you'd bring back?
    I'd second Freddie Mercury & Michael Hutchence, but I'd also give anything to hear Roy Orbison live. The opening few bars of Crying...
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    17 Aug 2014 A Thread for Women... Who love to watch Porn!
    Or me lol... I enjoy it as well. Don't have a preference will watch whatever takes my fancy at the time. 
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    14 Aug 2014 ANR relationships
    curiousme wrote: milkmaid wrote: I've just started trying to relactat & I've not felt so horny in ages...
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    13 Aug 2014 ANR relationships
    I've just started trying to relactat & I've not felt so horny in ages dh is loving it.He has be suckling me most of the last few...
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    12 Aug 2014 What would you love to try?
    We've just embarked on trying ANR & loving it. It's been a fantasy of mine for years but only just getting round to working at it...
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    12 Aug 2014 children overhearing you
    Lovebirds_x wrote: This is beyond immature. She is an adult, you are adults. You are all entitled to have sex! How does she think...
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    12 Aug 2014 What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done?
    Took dh for a quick shag in between the main course & the sweet at his works Christmas do once. Got a round of applause as we came back to the...
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    12 Aug 2014 weirdest fetish or turn on?
    Has to be titty play. Just started to explore ANR & loving it so far, can't get enough of his soft sweet mouth on my hard erect nipple....
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    5 Aug 2014 Breast Pump
    Would be interested to know if either of you have had any luck reastablishing lactation. 
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    5 Aug 2014 Just saying Hello
    Hello I'm a forum Virgin as well today. Been meaning to join for a while finally decided to join the fun x
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    5 Aug 2014 Toy's I lust 17
    22 Aug 2017 Milkmaids wishes 0


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