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    Married for 10 years. Turned on by anal, medical, pain. Nothing wrong with good old missionary either. Love a session with myself. To be honest, I get fantastically turned on by the reviews I read on here ;)


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    18 Jul 2017 Lovehoney Classic Silicone Slimline Medium Butt PlugLovehoney Classic Silicone Slimline Medium Butt Plug First-time butt plugger MarriedSex 10 out of 10


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    19 Jul 2017 What are YOU contemplating purchasing next? PART 2
    I've never owned an actual dildo...at one point I had 9 vibrators, no dildo! So I've downsized the vibro collection and am being a lot more...
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    19 Jul 2017 What was your last sexual thought about ?
    Mine was how I wanted to surprise my husband when he arrived home late from work - new toys arrived yesterday <3 ;)
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    19 Jul 2017 Hello :)
    Nice welcome guys, thanks!
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    18 Jul 2017 Where are you from?
    South Coast of England :)
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    18 Jul 2017 Newbie's Initiation Test PART 2
    Age - 34 Gender - Female Relationship Status - Married 10 years Sexual Preference - Hetero Favourite Position - Doggy Most kinky thing you...
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    18 Jul 2017 Hello :)
    Hi there, I joined up yesterday after a little while lurking..I had been looking for somwhere to chat like this but with facebook, there's your...
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    17 Jul 2017 How many people that you know own a sex toy?
    Most of my mates have sex toys. We often talk about what works for each of us, recommend to each other what we like and don't. It certainly...
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    17 Jul 2017 Sex Toy Testers 5


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