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    Broadminded, tantric and non judgemental


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    16 Apr 2019 anyone turned on by idea of receving bukkake?
    Why not provided all participants are willing 
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    16 Apr 2019 Guys with shaved pubes, any comments?
    The preference for me is a shaved shaft and balls and a trimmed public patch
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    16 Apr 2019 Do you enjoy giving oral?
    I love the variety of tastes (m and f) and knowing how my work is translated into pleasure for my recipient 
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    16 Apr 2019 Change a letter part 5
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    16 Apr 2019 Celebs / someone famous, name one person you would want to sleep with if you were single
    Emma Watson Keira Knightley Tom Hiddleston
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    14 Apr 2019 Guys with shaved pubes, any comments?
    Shaven and trimmed. Cleaner, fresher, more considerate orally and looks better. Shaft, crack, balls and triangle 
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