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    Hi all, thanks for stopping by!

    Greatly missing intimacy, having being on my onesies for nearly four years and although I have a girlfriend now, it's long-distance still and those opportunities to express ourselves physically is still a ways off.

    But when it cums(!) to bedroom behavior, I would like to try different things, mainly light bondage, although I would like to try anal - both giving and receiving - as well as improve my oral skills.

    I have to admit the idea of rimming puts me off, although I am intrigued by edging and electro-play. tbh though, some good ol'-fashioned satisfying vanilla sex and hot caresses and intimacy will do just fine for now, just to end my drought! ^///^


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    Date See the product Read the review Reviewer Rating
    7 Dec 2014 Maximus Anal Lubricant 250mlMaximus Anal Lubricant 250ml Thick, slick and Long-lasting. magicnumber69 10 out of 10
    8 Sep 2014 Dr Joel Kaplan Power Probe Vibrating Prostate MassagerDr Joel Kaplan Power Probe Vibrating Prostate Massager All Pain, No Gain magicnumber69 3 out of 10
    23 Aug 2014 Fifty Shades of Grey You. Are. Mine. Metal HandcuffsFifty Shades of Grey You. Are. Mine. Metal Handcuffs Never Mind Mr.Grey; These. Are. Mine. magicnumber69 9 out of 10
    21 Aug 2014 Lovehoney Bedtime Bullet Vibrating Butt PlugLovehoney Bedtime Bullet Vibrating Butt Plug Shaken, But(t) Sadly, Not Stirred magicnumber69 6 out of 10
    21 Aug 2014 Lovehoney Smooth Sensual Glass DildoLovehoney Smooth Sensual Glass Dildo My Perfect P-spot Pal From Paradise magicnumber69 10 out of 10
    15 Aug 2014 Lovehoney Booty Buddy Silicone Butt PlugLovehoney Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug Nice, but not quite enough to satisfy this pleasure-seeker magicnumber69 5 out of 10


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    Date Message Where?
    13 Dec 2015 May the Force be with you
    Mh, wasn't much for Leia's slave get-up in RotJ; I preferred her white dress from the first film. But if we're talking Star Wars, what about Padmé's...
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    5 Oct 2015 What toy or bit of kit could you not do without now?
    Probably my trusty anal prober:- http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=2041 I love anal play and this always helps me to get in the zone, although...
    Sex Toys
    21 Aug 2015 Bums
    WillC wrote: Do you not check out hot looking guys? He`s only looking,it`s human nature! He COULD be more subtle,but he`d still look! Me and...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    20 Aug 2015 Longest you have gone and can go without masturbating? (Especially singles!)
    I think around 2 months. I battle with depression and between it and my medication, my sex drive can drop through the floor and, as much as I'd want...
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    20 Aug 2015 Bums
    Pardon the pun, but personally, I think he's being a bit of an arse. If he knows your background, knows your insecurities, he should be more...
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    25 Jun 2015 Grey by E L James
    Wildcherry wrote: Nope, barely hit chapter three before the "my inner goddess stuff" started to irratate me, its a lot more poorly written than...
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    18 Jun 2015 Grey by E L James
    kittencub wrote: Won't bother not interested the thought of reading badly written drivel does nothing for me I've better things to do....
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    12 May 2015 Female ejaculation
    OUCH! Thank you ;) wrote: Boogaloo wrote: OUCH! Thank you ;) wrote: Nah, it was a squirting thing. Did you not see the big...
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    12 May 2015 Multiple and long lasting male orgasams
    Tbh, I'm happy to get the one orgasm I get, when I get them, and since my gf is miles and miles away, it's through masturbation and I don't know if...
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    3 Apr 2015 Opinions Wanted
    FrozenAngel wrote: I hate it D it winds me up so much. What's so hard about saying "Your mother and I will discuss it, and we'll talk to you...
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    10 Mar 2015 just a reminder
    Just as long as there's a similar reminder about Father's Day; from my experience, hardly anyone seems to give a toss about that, nor does it seem...
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    7 Mar 2015 if you could be any movie character for 24hrs?
    Snake Plisskin.
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    6 Mar 2015 Lights on or off ?
    Male - off.
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    28 Feb 2015 What's on your bucket list ?
    Build my own Death Star, making sure to sort out that pesky thermal exhaust port issue! More seriously though, all I want is for my kids to live as...
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    28 Feb 2015 Cars
    Hi all, Currently driving a Ford Focus 1.8, who bears the moniker of 'Scarlett', due to its colour (I know, not a very manly thing, naming your car)...
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    28 Feb 2015 Men (and women) who like the 'big girls'
    himnher wrote: My wife is a size 22 I didn't make a conscious effort to go out and find a "BIg Girl" it just so happens that I fell in love...
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    25 Feb 2015 Can fat people be attractive? (I'm a fat person)
    First off, you DO NOT deserve any crap from anyone about your weight or how you look; it's none of their business and if they have nothing pleasant or...
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    25 Feb 2015 Sloppy seconds or thirds!
    Before I even started to read the OP, the title was enough to make me go 'Eww', so therein lies my answer. 'Eww!' 🙈
    Sex Tips & Talk
    25 Feb 2015 what does a bum look best in?
    Not read all the comments here, but as a bum-appreciating male, you simply cannot beat some lacy French knickers or boyshorts when it comes to...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    25 Feb 2015 Any animal lovers on here ?
    I love animals of all kinds, but don't feel a real need for pets; with three kids at home, I have plenty enough to contend with! Up until recently, I...
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