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    24 Jun 2017 Lovehoney Deluxe Black Magic Wand VibratorLovehoney Deluxe Black Magic Wand Vibrator Black wand M1cky 9 out of 10


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    11 Apr 2017 I left him! I need some support.
    Well done for doing the right thing! It will have been really hard to admit what was happening to you and to finally realise it had come to an end...
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    2 Feb 2017 Hello!
    Hello and welcome
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    27 Jan 2017 I'm back
    Hey, welcome back mamz
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    7 Jan 2017 Smells down there...
    He could be sensitive to soaps/body wash which is causing a bacterial imbalance, try changing to a shower gel tosomething like sanex zero as they have...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    4 Jan 2017 Kegel exercises male and female
    Hey everyone, just been doing a bit of reading and came across kegel exercises. Just wondering who does them, have you benefited from doing them and...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    3 Jan 2017 Plucking up the courage
    Thank you everyone for the nice comments, not had much time over Xmas to check the forums out
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    31 Dec 2016 I'm new, please be nice!
    Hey welcome to the forum
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    30 Dec 2016 So where is everyone from?
    Leeds, West Yorkshire
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    28 Dec 2016 New poster, but big shopper :)
    hello melanie and welcome to the forum. Not from manchester but not that far, leeds.
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    28 Dec 2016 Hi everyone :)
    merry christmas, hello and welcome to the forum.
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    28 Dec 2016 Plucking up the courage
    Hi all first time posting long term shopper and thread reader Thought I'd start here with a 'hello'
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    3 May 2017 Play time 1


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