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    8 Feb 2020 Anyone else got a very high sex drive?
    I really love sex. My hubby is happy with it every 2-3 days. We're in an open relationship, I've been seeing a male work colleague for a while now...
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    8 Feb 2020 What Contraception do people use?
    I have the arm implant.
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    8 Feb 2020 3some good or bad
    I've always loved sex with 2 or more men. Being in an open relationship helps with that.
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    17 Jan 2020 Is bigger not always better?
    Everyone is different with what they like, so obviously bigger isn't always better. Myself I have that dildo but 2 inches longer, and its perfect...
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    17 Jan 2020 Number Of Partners
    I'm 38, he's a little older. Each of us: lost count. Me: hundreds and hundreds of men. Him: over 100 women.
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    6 Jan 2020 How often does everyone have sex?
    Average once every 2 days, I want it every day but his cock usually doesn't feel fully hard then if we do it every day. Been together for 15 years.
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    21 Dec 2019 Whats your pubic hairstyle?
    Me: completely smooth Him: usually trimmed
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    8 Nov 2019 Couples who have anal sex: condoms or not?
    "We don't have anal that often but when we do we never use a condom." Same here. If poo is of concern then just have anal sex soon after...
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    27 Sep 2019 Where do you like to shoot or him to shoot his load?
    Inside every time. Just really love that feeling.
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    23 Sep 2019 Noisy neighbours
    I've heard other couples in other rooms going at it, mostly just bed knocking. I've always made sure my beds have been set away from the wall enough....
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    23 Sep 2019 What outfits do women like to wear for the men
    Satin or lace bra, thong, suspenders/stockings or just hold ups, with 6" heel 2" platform stripper heels. He usually doesn't need a blowjob...
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    21 Sep 2019 Which one of you puts it in?
    I'd guesstimate 70% of the time I guide him into me
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    21 Sep 2019 How many smooth couples?
    Husband is usually trimmed. I'm smooth - lasered crotch and legs. Its how we both like each other to be as well.
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    13 Sep 2019 What does sex feel like for each sex both male and female
    Its really difficult to explain how nice it feels. Basically and simplified: you know that extreme quick sharp pain feeling when you hurt yourself...
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    13 Sep 2019 A sexy secret about you
    My friends and family would disown me if they ever watch the video my husband recorded with me when we stayed at an hotel room one day with 15 men....
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    13 Sep 2019 When did you last have sex? Continued...
    During my dinner break at work today in the ladies room at 12:10 with a male work colleague I've been seeing for the last two months. I just about...
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    13 Sep 2019 Sharing my girlfriend
    Communication is key, you have to talk with each other, a proper heart to heart not just a fantasy pillow talk type discussion to 100% ensure its...
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    21 Jun 2019 Views on fantasies
    I'm not sure what or if I was dreaming last night but I woke up wet fantasising how I'd love to get pregnant again. But the guy was a work colleague,...
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    21 Jun 2019 Orgasms. Is 3 or more too much?
    It entirely depends on your partners stamina. When I was a teen up until I was 19 I used to orgasm once then I had to get them to stop moving while...
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    21 Jun 2019 Cervix orgasms
    I think this depends on both the sizes of your vagina and his penis being of similar size during rough sex. Its perhaps why some women can't take...
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