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    10 Mar 2013 Lovehoney BASICS Triple Butt Plug SetLovehoney BASICS Triple Butt Plug Set Brilliant fun Loveitrough 9 out of 10
    4 Mar 2013 Cupid's Itty Bitty Beginner's Butt PlugCupid's Itty Bitty Beginner's Butt Plug Ideal for the first time user Loveitrough 8 out of 10
    18 Jan 2013 Fifty Shades of Grey The Pinch Adjustable Nipple ClampsFifty Shades of Grey The Pinch Adjustable Nipple Clamps Fiddly little things Loveitrough 4 out of 10
    12 Jan 2013 IOU Hot SexIOU Hot Sex Something fun Loveitrough 9 out of 10
    12 Jan 2013 iCollection Sheer Basque with Lace AccentsiCollection Sheer Basque with Lace Accents He couldn't keep his hands off me Loveitrough 7 out of 10


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    2 Jul 2016 Who else love rough sex?
    I love it rough. The rougher the better in all honesty. Only once have we gone to the point where I thought "hmm maybe that went too far" but actually...
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    30 Jun 2016 What is the name of that app for partners?
    The one you both put in what you like and if you both like it happy days I was talking about it with dh and he's keen to try it if only I could...
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    4 Mar 2016 OMG! Fisting with an added bonus
    I realised this week I'm rather partial to feeling full, only for me it would appear to be anally as well as vaginally. DH managed to get most of his...
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    6 Feb 2016 Girls, how often do you masturbate alone, honestly now!
    Daily. We have mismatched sex drives and I get very frustrated otherwise!
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    6 Feb 2016 How many people have you slept with?
    I lost count once I got to 15 According to DH I've slept with 4 including him.
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    6 Feb 2016 Fetish
    cum, spunk, ejaculat, whatever you want to call it. Love the stuff. I love nothing more than taking a load from my husband, sucking him off makes me...
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    6 Feb 2016 Do you like to see him wank?
    I love watching him and would love to walk in on him but he's shy about it unless part of having sex so I doubt I'd be able to sadly.
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    30 Sep 2015 Pleasuring yourself
    Nothing wrong with it so long as you clear the browser history when you're done!
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    20 Jun 2015 Analysis or vaginally, what's your favourite?
    Another one for anal here
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    20 Jun 2015 Has anybody ever had a golden shower?
    I'd love to try it. I've accidently peed on my husband when he's given me oral and he's happily stayed face firmly planted as I cum (and not squirted...
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    20 Jun 2015 Masturbating with friend in room
    I've had Sex on a sofa under a duvet (which I noticed on another thread someone else said they had and now I'm thinking my ex is on here!) whilst in a...
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    19 Jul 2014 He can't ejaculate
    My wonderful loving husband has lost the ability to ejaculate and it's really getting him down. He's always had problems with it but now it's getting...
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    11 May 2014 What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done?
    Mutual masturbation on a busy commuter train back from London That was fun
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    11 May 2014 Girl on Top
    I prefer to grind but he prefers it if I lean forwards, let him grab me then let him so all the work. Works for me when I'm feeling lazy!
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    13 Jun 2013 Sexual Bucket List...
    Anal gaping Bukkake Pussy pumping Being fucked in public and have random people join in without asking
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    13 Jun 2013 Where's the best / weirdest place you've ever had sex?
    Alley way on the way home from the pub. We got caught and got watched and it was amazing!
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    13 Jun 2013 big anal experiences
    I'm a lover of anal sex but my partner isn't so keen on fucking me there :-( he's happy to finger me but won't go any further. Largest I've taken is a...
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    9 Jun 2013 What is your OH best at?
    Sexually he's very good with his hands and his tongue. Generally he's just a top bloke who knows how to look after me and make me feel special
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    8 Jun 2013 Sex and sexual touching in a public place
    I wonder if we are off to the same festival lol
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    8 Jun 2013 'How to' - Squirting?
    For me I need to have him finger me gently and rhythmically stroking the front wall of my vagina while playing with my clit. It's a slow process but...
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    12 Jan 2013 Sex toy testers 47


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