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    12 May 2020 BDSM and “dominant”
    Everyone has their own limits and are aroused by different sensations, see it as a journey rather than a destination. We have been discovering our...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    14 Apr 2020 Question for the ladies on oral sex
    Personally I prefer a man who does as instructed, be it when I tell him to ‘go down’ or go down to the garage and fill my car up with petrol 😀
    Sex Tips & Talk
    14 Apr 2020 Lockdown date night
    My other half and I have been doing date night twice a week, did do it on Thursday forgetting we were intending to clap the NHS. Oh well my leather...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    7 Apr 2020 Sexual bucket list
    Go on the prowl somewhere very public in my latex catsuit
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    7 Apr 2020 Have you ever ? Part 2
    Yes, its a 'when the mood takes ya' kinda apporach to the clothed sex thing No to the pity question SQ
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    6 Apr 2020 Have you ever ? Part 2
    Yes, mainly shoes lol! HYE bought any non-lingerie clothing specifically for the bedroom?
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    6 Apr 2020 Masturbation urge working from home
    I have been home working for may years and you need self discipline to make it work, set yourself work related targets and fun rewards for when you...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    3 Apr 2020 What gets you horny?
    Sex Tips & Talk
    2 Apr 2020 Latex dress advice
    I have been wearing latex for years and have many items, even some from high street stores. While the shine is down to personal choice i use pjur,...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    2 Apr 2020 Fierce
    Has anyone bought anything from this yet, I like the look of the catsuit but unsure on the sizing, i am a UK12, which is medium but in the reviews...
    Lingerie & Clothing


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