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    4 Sep 2012 Adrien Lastic 7 Speed Thrusting Rabbit VibratorAdrien Lastic 7 Speed Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator Thrusting Fantastic Ligeresx 9 out of 10


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    23 Oct 2012 how do you ladies feel about a man cumming over your face?
    HappilyExperimenting wrote: NOOOO D: How could you? I've always been against this and hate porn that ends with this act. I don't know why - I...
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    13 Oct 2012 Beginner to anal- need help
    Hi, It's natural to feel the way you do when you're just starting out with anal i think. Very important that you find the right lube for anal play....
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    4 Oct 2012 Should you shave before
    shaved is my preference but i wouldn't mind if the other person had a little bit of hair. If nice and tidy :-)
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    18 Sep 2012 Random Acts of Kindness
    PurringTiger wrote: When I was younger I lived in a young persons hostel for a while and even though I had barely any money myself, when I did...
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    17 Sep 2012 Men shaving pubes
    No hair is fair :-P Really don't like body hair. So as little as possible suits me :-)
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    16 Sep 2012 Smartest person of all time...?
    There is too many people to mention that have made worthy contributions to society. One that hasn't been mentioned yet is Benjamin Franklin -...
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    16 Sep 2012 Advice needed (mini warble/rant)
    Hi occhiverdi, From your post i get the impression that there is a trust issue with your OH? Also people you know have commented on the possibility...
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    13 Sep 2012 Hello Everyone
    maltedmilk wrote: Hello and welcome!! I'm sure we'll all be gentle! ;) Enjoy xx Oh i don't know about gentle :-P But everyone is really nice...
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    13 Sep 2012 New to this, so could do with some friends any offer
    Hi, welcome to the forum, plenty nice folk on here. Hope you have fun :-)
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    10 Sep 2012 Totally Random....
    Candied Citrus wrote: shellyboo wrote: Sexist or Sexiest? The most sexist job is probably like, a stripper or something? The sexiest......
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    10 Sep 2012 Looking for a new toy, but not sure what
    What sort of things do you play with right now Katherine?.  external - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=344 internal...
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    10 Sep 2012 So my sister knows about my toys.
    WeeSteve wrote: xrd_man wrote: Ouch WeeSteve, think I would have to have left the country KinkyFuckery wrote: Sorry WeeSte I just LOL I...
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    10 Sep 2012 The Sexiest TV Ads
    Can think of quite a few... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUnNMrym0S8&feature=relmfu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLrUJY4D5Bc...
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    10 Sep 2012 ANY GAMERS
    Prefer PC gaming. I played World of Warcraft on and off for about 4 years. More on than off like lol. But not anymore...think it's by it's best. Any...
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    9 Sep 2012 best anal lube
    Another fan of maximus :-) 
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    9 Sep 2012 Experimenting after you solo orgasm is it just me?
    GGM wrote: KinkyFuckery wrote: DarthKitty wrote: Wetone wrote: dani5791 wrote: sub-kitten wrote: shellyboo wrote: wildjezz...
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    6 Sep 2012 Howdy =^_^=
    Hi, Welcome  to the forums. I'm just new here too :-) What's this magic wand massager then?? :-P
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    6 Sep 2012 Just a Question...
    Depends on the type of relationship you are in. It's only fair to consider the person you are going out with and how they would feel about it. Also,...
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