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    Location Essex,

    I'm a Guy, who's found the Girl of his dreams and enjoying a new lease of life!! We're experimenting and loving every minute!!

    I'm easy going, enjoy taking dirty and flirting, lol hoping to chat to you all very soon.


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    Date See the product Read the review Reviewer Rating
    9 Sep 2015 Doc Johnson Dual Dancing Vibrating BulletsDoc Johnson Dual Dancing Vibrating Bullets Amazing little Toy Liberated X x 10 out of 10
    22 Feb 2013 Nipple Pump KitNipple Pump Kit Firm and Proud Liberated X x 8 out of 10
    25 Jan 2013 Livia Corsetti Floral Lace Basque SetLivia Corsetti Floral Lace Basque Set Fantastic Liberated X x 10 out of 10
    25 Jan 2013 Rabbit Finger VibratorRabbit Finger Vibrator Nice little addition Liberated X x 9 out of 10


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    25 Feb 2013 Newbie's Initiation Test
    Hi BlondBooty XXX, Welcome!! There's a little gift on its way to you!! Hope it hits the Spot!! I look forward to your review! Lol Liberated. X x
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    24 Feb 2013 do you like to watch yourself
    Tried and loved it, practice makes perfect, looking forward to plenty more practice!!
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    31 Jan 2013 Man in a uniform!!!!
    Wow!!! reading this, i might dare to add a few pic's if it has that effect!! I really Didn't realize how lucky I am, I get to wear the best of both...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    29 Jan 2013 any ideas to get my fella in the mood
    Sound advice all round not a lot i can to add to that, and let me say you'd all be getting loads if I was a gamer and you girls tempted me using those...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    28 Jan 2013 Newbie's Initiation Test
    Hi Guys, My first post!!! well here goes!!! Age, 44 younger looking still fairly fit and still minus the middle age spread!! At the minute! Lol...
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    28 Jan 2013 Hi new ebony girl ready to make new friends
    Hi Ebony, very nice Introduction and great selection of photos, you look fantastic in your selection of lingerie. Wow!!!!
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