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    Date See the product Read the review Reviewer Rating
    4 Dec 2011 Doc Johnson Waterproof Pleasure Massage BallDoc Johnson Waterproof Pleasure Massage Ball Just too noisy LexiLoou 6 out of 10
    4 Dec 2011 Lovehoney Powerful Pocket VibratorLovehoney Powerful Pocket Vibrator Buy it now LexiLoou 10 out of 10
    29 Oct 2011 PicoBong Ipo Silicone Finger VibratorPicoBong Ipo Silicone Finger Vibrator Nice little toy LexiLoou 7 out of 10
    15 Oct 2011 Lovehoney BASICS Metallic Lady Lustfinger Mini VibratorLovehoney BASICS Metallic Lady Lustfinger Mini Vibrator Brilliant Starter LexiLoou 10 out of 10
    11 Oct 2011 Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Rabbit VibratorLovehoney Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Rabbit Vibrator Exceeds All Expectations LexiLoou 9 out of 10


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    29 Dec 2011 LH own brand glass toys?
    Really glad I've seen this...been wanting one of these for ages, and was hoping to treat myself. Can't wait for them to be restocked xx
    Inside Lovehoney
    3 Dec 2011 which wand
    Kegal/ben wa balls are a great way to tighten up, and they can be a lot of fun to wear as well ;-) xx
    Sex Toys
    27 Nov 2011 Would you ever have sex with a total stranger
    I have to disagree with the above posts. I've had several one night stands with complete strangers, and I've enjoyed them all. If you're safe and feel...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    15 Nov 2011 Happy ending massage oil recomendations?
    I don't know if it'd work for her, with reegards to her allergies, but Durex do a sort of foam spray which can be used as a massage oil or a...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    10 Nov 2011 Kegal Balls
    I've searched for a thread on this, but couldn't find anything. I'm thinking of buying some kegal balls (just the £4.99 ones for sale on here,...
    Sex Toys
    4 Nov 2011 Anal sex Guys are you a fast cummer this way?
    Whenever I've had anal, it's been with my ex. He was very concious of not hurting me, so we used loads of lube, and took it really slowly. However, he...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    3 Nov 2011 Storing your toys
    I keep all mine in the big cardboard box that my rabbit was delivered in haha. I'm at uni and my housemates respect my privacy and at home my family...
    Sex Toys
    31 Oct 2011 LAP DANCE FANTACY
    I understand how you feel hotpussy...I find lapdances really sexy, despite being straight. Don 't worry about it, I think a lot of women have similar...
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    30 Oct 2011 Sexual Happiness Facebook
    I reaaaaaaaally want to like it, to keep up to date with everything, but I have my parents on my facebook, so I'm in two minds about it lol xx
    Inside Lovehoney
    16 Oct 2011 Strangest thing an OH has asked you to do
    I dated a guy for a while who liked to spank me. Nothing weird there. But then one day he rolled me over and slapped my tits (which are quite big). I...
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    16 Oct 2011 Newbie's Initiation Test
    Age - 20 Gender - Female Relationship Status - Single Sexual Preference - Straight (but a little curious) Favourite Position - Me on top. Most...
    Introduce Yourself
    12 Oct 2011 Need help choosing a bullet...
    I had a similar situation last year (living in halls, using a bullet as my bf was in my hometown) and tbh, I wouldn't worry too much about the noise....
    Sex Toys
    11 Oct 2011 Stright guy. Gay porn
    I have a similar thing. I'm a staright girl, yet I only like girl on girl porn. I think I find porn featuring men quite aggressive, the men are...
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    11 Oct 2011 Best Kiss you've ever had...
    I spent almost a year with a guy who didn't appreciate tongue during kisses, even in the throes of passion. As I loved him, I happily pandered to...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    11 Oct 2011 New LoveHoney Advert!
    I think the advert's great. It's the 21st century, it's nearly 3 decades since the vibrator was pushed into the mainstream by Sex and the City, I...
    Inside Lovehoney
    27 Jul 2011 The taste of Cum...
    My exes was awful...a weird mucous-y consistency and stale taste, to the extent that in our ten months together I only let him finish in my mouth...
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    18 Jul 2011 Stuff I Fancy Buying 2
    11 Oct 2011 Sex Toy Testers 23


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