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    28 Jan 2019 Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel for Her 10mlDurex Intense Orgasmic Gel for Her 10ml Preferred the old product lemans 2 out of 10
    28 Jan 2019 Lovehoney G-Tickler 7 Function Clitoral & G-Spot VibratorLovehoney G-Tickler 7 Function Clitoral & G-Spot Vibrator Tickled all the right places lemans 10 out of 10


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    12 Nov 2019 If we made a new forum, what would YOU want from it?
    I lurk a lot but don't post often (really should fix that!) Another vote here for better linking with the main site.  When someone posts a link to a...
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    15 Jun 2018 The Great big suggestions thread .......PART 2
    As my wishlist grows I find the images alongside each item too small. Could you present the wishlist like a product listing page instead with...
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    29 May 2018 Anyone Else Sleep Naked?
    Since our first night together 15 years ago my wife and I have always slept naked. There is no better way to fall asleep or wake up than wrapped...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    19 Apr 2018 Sweet 16 for Lovehoney!
    To the tune of "Happy Birthday": Happy Birthday to you Toys and lingerie for two Selling passion and hot fashion..........
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