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    At the moment, I'm studying psychology at university, writing my dissertation on sexuality as I find it very interesting. I'm up for most things especially rough play but haven't yet found a person who fulfills my needs :( But I'm not letting it get me down! Quite new to toys actually but having fun so far. Looking forward to making friends and having a giggle.
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    16 Jun 2011 copper IUD and no period?!
     My first period after having the coil put in was extremely light for 5 days so I thought I had got away with it, but I was wrong. It may have...
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    16 May 2011 Irritating habits during sex
    Aww I'm glad someone was inspired by my post! It can be awfully distracting when I'm on top and the OH is rambling on about how strange it is that the...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    12 May 2011 What has made you laugh during sex?
     My OH gets what we call 'the verbals' where he talks about random things. It can be anything from gravity to something funny he remembered at...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    25 Jan 2011 The perils of being different... Icons
     Homosexuality was not removed as a pathological abnormality or mental disorder from the medical systems until 1973, and that was in the UK. It...
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    31 Dec 2010 Problems Problems Problems...
    Tim88 wrote:  I'm almost sure i'm also making more of a mountain out of it then she thinks. I guess its that pathetic... Urghh i am man, let...
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    31 Aug 2010 Do I tell my husband about my toy?
    Wow, congrats Sally. Maybe this prudishness was just psychological, and you suggesting the chocolate body paint sparked something which caused him to...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    31 Aug 2010 Electro Toys
    LoveHoney - Hella Rouge wrote: Shocking is a little bit tingly, a bit painful but a little bit vibrate-y too. It does feel like being...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    29 Aug 2010 Any ideas? Any circumcised men here?
    I had an ex boyfriend who was circumcised, and he couldn't cum whilst wearing a condom, except with me. I'm not sure whether that was because I am...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    29 Aug 2010 Do you "Let yourself go" when in a relationship?
    When I'm in a relationship I try to make an effort more than when I'm single, but i still go through phases of not being bothered, to doing my makeup...
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    10 Aug 2010 Facials - how many women actually enjoy receiving them?
    I like them and I'm not actually sure why. Considering I don't spit or swallow, I suppose it's just that bit more erotic than letting him cum on...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    10 Jul 2010 One for the girls! What do you prefer fingers or tongue clitoral stimulation?
    I like both, the tongue on the clit and fingers inside, just exploring and slow. But i am picky and don't like to be finger fucked too hard. I haven't...
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    23 Feb 2010 Do you (have to) try to keep it quiet?
    I'm in a student house so I do have to be quiet as the walls are quite thin. But with me it's generally that if i'm not making a noise, i'm not...
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    16 Feb 2010 Anal Sex for beginners, any advice?
    @ Gellie - as well as inordinate amounts of lube, start small aswell, like fingers first. Its for her safety!
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    9 Feb 2010 Newbie's Initiation Test
    Age - 19 Gender - Female Relationship Status - Single Sexual Preference - Bisexual Favourite Position - Doggie Most kinky thing you...
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