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    Date See the product Read the review Reviewer Rating
    26 May 2020 Renegade Rubber Latex Fisting GlovesRenegade Rubber Latex Fisting Gloves Good quality for the price kusanagi 9 out of 10
    13 Nov 2018 Titus Stainless Steel Double Ended 3mm/4mm DilatorTitus Stainless Steel Double Ended 3mm/4mm Dilator Indescribable sensation kusanagi 10 out of 10
    17 Sep 2018 Lisa Ann Savage Textured Fleshlight Girls ButtLisa Ann Savage Textured Fleshlight Girls Butt Enjoyable but a little expensive kusanagi 8 out of 10
    27 Jun 2017 Electrastim  Prestige Electro-Sex Cock LoopsElectrastim Prestige Electro-Sex Cock Loops Great bit of kit kusanagi 10 out of 10
    6 Mar 2016 Pasante Mixed Flavoured Condoms (12 Pack)Pasante Mixed Flavoured Condoms (12 Pack) Different but fun kusanagi 9 out of 10
    3 Mar 2016 Liberator Top Dog Fleshlight MountLiberator Top Dog Fleshlight Mount Does what it says on the tin kusanagi 7 out of 10
    3 Mar 2016 ElectraStim Bi-Polar Electrosex Jack Socket StrokerElectraStim Bi-Polar Electrosex Jack Socket Stroker Still shaking kusanagi 10 out of 10
    29 Jan 2016 Fleshlight Quickshot Boost Compact Male MasturbatorFleshlight Quickshot Boost Compact Male Masturbator Compact but messy kusanagi 9 out of 10
    14 May 2015 ElectraStim Uni-Polar Long ElectraPads (4 pack)ElectraStim Uni-Polar Long ElectraPads (4 pack) A useful shape kusanagi 10 out of 10
    15 Aug 2014 Bondage Boutique Intermediate Faux Leather FloggerBondage Boutique Intermediate Faux Leather Flogger Great for beginners kusanagi 10 out of 10
    12 Aug 2014 Bondage Boutique Dual Ring Metal Cock RingBondage Boutique Dual Ring Metal Cock Ring Bit of a struggle kusanagi 2 out of 10
    27 Jul 2014 Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker UltimateLovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Ultimate Don't skimp on the lube kusanagi 4 out of 10
    14 Jul 2014 Bondage Boutique Leather Paddle with StudsBondage Boutique Leather Paddle with Studs Packs a punch kusanagi 10 out of 10
    30 Dec 2013 ElectraStim EM60 Flick Electro Sex Stimulator MultipackElectraStim EM60 Flick Electro Sex Stimulator Multipack Expensive but worth it kusanagi 10 out of 10
    8 Oct 2013 Cupid's Vibrating Anal BeadsCupid's Vibrating Anal Beads Packs a punch kusanagi 9 out of 10
    21 May 2013 Misty Stone Fleshlight Girls Lotus FleshlightMisty Stone Fleshlight Girls Lotus Fleshlight Great sensation - a little bulky and hard to clean kusanagi 8 out of 10
    23 Jan 2013 Pjur Bodyglide Original Silicone-Based Lubricant 250mlPjur Bodyglide Original Silicone-Based Lubricant 250ml A little goes a long way kusanagi 9 out of 10
    25 May 2012 Svenjoyment Wet Look Satin ShortsSvenjoyment Wet Look Satin Shorts Very shiny kusanagi 8 out of 10
    1 Apr 2012 Sven O Wet-Look Swell Function BoxersSven O Wet-Look Swell Function Boxers Great - Like a wonderbra for your package kusanagi 10 out of 10
    24 Feb 2012 Wrist To Thigh Bondage CuffsWrist To Thigh Bondage Cuffs Fiddly but fun kusanagi 8 out of 10


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    Date Message Where?
    17 Mar 2016 Private vs. Open
    It depends on the person, a couple of close friends know I dabble in the fetish scene and and partner would have to be fully aware for our love...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    6 Mar 2016 My husband has agreed to toys!!!
    Whoo! love a story with a happy ending (sorry couldnt resist the pun!), really glad things are working out for you, just remember keep talking and...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    3 Mar 2016 Nervous husband! Help..
    Id say if he is thinking that he should be doing things for you get him to use the toys on you, that may sooth the pride a little and you can both...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    1 Mar 2016 Dom or sub or both?
    I switch but it usually varies either on my mood or the partictular dynamic I have with a partner. Their personallity has a big impact on weather I...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    2 Feb 2016 A young couple saying Hi and looking for advice
    Couple looking to spice things up wrote: Firstly, hi and welcome to the forum. I'd suggest you have this sort of roleplay...
    Introduce Yourself
    17 Jan 2016 Do you wear latex? Why / Why not?
    zombifiedguy wrote: I have never tried latex although i really want to. I like the idea of restrictive figure hugging...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    15 Jan 2016 Do you wear latex? Why / Why not?
    Lovehoney - Jess wrote: LIBIDEX Thank god for their sales
    Lingerie & Clothing
    13 Jan 2016 Do you wear latex? Why / Why not?
    Yes, I wear it and love the stuff. For me really it has been a fetish of mine since my teens so its hard to say exactly what it is I love about...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    14 May 2015 PVC,RUBBER,LATEX -What item do love most in your wardrobe?
    So much love for latex, actually just ordered a new shirt :D Current favourite item would be either my latex army trousers or my custom hood
    Lingerie & Clothing
    22 Mar 2015 horny pics
    Maybe start without a memory card in the camera? just role play as a photographer when she can relax without worrying about what the pictures may...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    21 Mar 2015 Dating Sites & Kink/Fetish
    On my profile I just mentioned that my interests were not exactly vanilla, people seem to get the hint and I've had people who were curious about kink...
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    18 Mar 2015 Need some tips...imntroducing hubby to anal toys.
    Great news! always good when it works as planned. Have fun!
    Sex Tips & Talk
    15 Mar 2015 Need some tips...imntroducing hubby to anal toys.
    As others have said, take it slowly, lots of lube and lots of talking. I personally like the Id sillicone lube for anal:...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    8 Mar 2015 People's reaction to your collection
    A couple of very close friends know about my 'Other' interests but not real details, thats between myself and my partner
    Sex Tips & Talk
    8 Mar 2015 Getting my groove back...
    I have just ended a similar dry spell myself, all I would say is just be honest about it, open about what you enjoy and have fun. Cant really go...
    Introduce Yourself
    8 Mar 2015 Sum up your day in three words
    Scanning Film Negatives
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    30 Nov 2014 advice for prostate massage
    Id just say plenty of lube and talking is the best way to start out, you can figure out what works for you both and then you get to really enjoy it...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    2 Nov 2014 sex shops
    An ex and I used to make a point of visiting one if we were visiting a new place haha, always interesting :) Some are still a bit on the seedy side...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    31 Oct 2014 The Band Name Game
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    12 Oct 2014 Male stroker and sleeve recommendations
    I would say give the Tenga series of toys a look, the Flip hole has been a favourite of mine for a long while
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    3 Nov 2013 looks interesting 8
    13 Sep 2018 Sex Toy Testers 1


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