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    27 Aug 2009 Sex in the Shower Single Locking Suction HandleSex in the Shower Single Locking Suction Handle It sticks on smooth surfaces in the shower. KinkyWolf 4 out of 10
    4 Aug 2009 Riding Crop VibraWhip Vibrating WhipRiding Crop VibraWhip Vibrating Whip Stingy but not vibey enough KinkyWolf 6 out of 10
    4 Aug 2009 Probe Personal Lubricant Silky Light 250mlProbe Personal Lubricant Silky Light 250ml Slippery but sticky KinkyWolf 8 out of 10
    5 Mar 2009 Fetish Fantasy Purple Pleasure KitFetish Fantasy Purple Pleasure Kit Purple Cuffs KinkyWolf 7 out of 10
    2 Mar 2009 Kwiktwist Giant Twist Ties Twin PackKwiktwist Giant Twist Ties Twin Pack Giant Pink Things! KinkyWolf 10 out of 10
    2 Mar 2009 Perfect Nipple SuckersPerfect Nipple Suckers Cute Suckers KinkyWolf 8 out of 10


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    15 Jun 2010 How do you explain kink / BDSM to a newbie?
    Theres a book 'When Someone You Love Is Kinky' - Dossie Easton. I've flipped through it and it seemed pretty ok. I did the book giving thing a couple...
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    19 Apr 2010 Female Domination (Femdom)
    If you want a cheaper equivalent (ish) to vampire gloves, try metal Banjo Picks. They go on each finger and can exert a lot of pain on a back. I got 6...
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    7 Apr 2010 really scared and upset
     Good luck Diamonds. * big hugs *. You will be fine, trust me.
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    30 Mar 2010 Asexual?
    Depression itself can cause a lack of sex drive (or a vastly increased sex drive). Antidepressants can cause lack of sex drive as well (or just an...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    22 Mar 2010 like masturbating better than sex?
    Um. Masturbations ok - even if I get all the gear going and whatever its just not as good as someone else raking their nails down your back when you...
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    17 Mar 2010 do you care what it looks like?
    So long as its fairly abstract I'm ok. If it trys to be 'realistic' then its a bit of a nono.  Personally I would like to see a black rubber...
    Sex Toys
    3 Mar 2010 I want to be what a woman really wants, not a nice guy anymore, help
    If your a 'nice' guy rather than going to heartlessbitches etc for advice on how to be a man - go and read 'No More Mr Nice Guy' - Robert Glover. Its...
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    18 Feb 2010 Full Body Suit....
    Zentai suits are 100% coverage - no openings for mouth\eyes\whatever. Needless to say, they're normally made out of something permeable. Doing a...
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    25 Jan 2010 Im too dominant for my own good!!
    Littlemisshorny wrote: Lol thanks cara. I do love to be seductivly powerful but after a bit I'm like what do I do now?  (If...
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    19 Jan 2010 The joys of cuming in your partner
    We used condoms for about 7 years. In that time we had two condom 'episodes' (one split, one vanished) and as a result we have two kids. I went to the...
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    15 Dec 2009 I need honest answers to this difficult question
    You might want to check this book out - 'The Sex Starved Wife'. Same author as the Sex Starved Marriage. ...
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    9 Dec 2009 Glasgow City Council aim to criminalise "purchase of sex"
     Too often the lawmakers etc go for vote grabbing headlines rather than something helpful like reducing harm. 
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    7 Dec 2009 Breast tieing
     Theres a different technique here with some decent diagrams. http://www.bondage-guide.net/post/breast-bondage-to-begin.html
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    29 Oct 2009 NURU Massage...
    It appears to be some sort of full body massage using anothers (naked) body using a 'clear, tasteless gel made from seaweed' - sounds like agar agar...
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    7 Oct 2009 In search of a vegetarian friendly collar...
     If you want more information on this sort of collar theres a pile over here: http://www.saroftreve.com/wwl/serpent.shtml
    Sex Toys
    7 Oct 2009 Beginner Advice
    masterandslave wrote:  Maybe Love Honey should start stocking some Kinky Boots for us fuller figured ladies! Thats a point. Anyone know...
    Sex Toys
    24 Sep 2009 Is your OH as horny as you?
    If you're in a relationship with a partner who has lost their sex drive it can be devastating. It was, for me, a big part of the depression that came...
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    10 Sep 2009 Sex life and kids
    I've mentioned before that we've found children interfere with sex. With ours our young one (5) is no bother (sleeps like a rock) - but his sister...
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    7 Sep 2009 What do you wear to bed?
    Boxers all year round for me and a t-shirt if it gets cold enough to need one. I would wear nothing but theres always the risk of the kids bursting in...
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    1 Sep 2009 Sexy Sounds
     A slow unzipping sound. 
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