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  1. Kanu Suckmeov: Photos

    We are a very loving couple in our early 60’s who have been married for well over 35 years. Luckily we retired and moved to Spain about 4 years ago, (July 2014) and are enjoying every minute of it.Our fun is role playing with a slight difference. We pretend that we work for a porn making Movie Company called “Shoot for the Stars” who have branched out and bought a villa in Spain so they can rent it out to wealthy hard working people who normally don’t have time for holidays. These clients get to use the villa and its employees to whatever means they like, and that includes sex. We have names for the employees. Wifey (OH) has two different people, Sin (Sindee) Allnight-Long and a new girl on the block, Pussy Morecum. Myself I play the part of Justin A Little. There are several new people to be introduced to the villa. Constance Cummings, DD Kupps, Willie Rimmer and Arsene Butts are just a few. As employees we are expected to dress and entertain our guests to the best of our abilities, and that includes anal and light bondage. Guest are allowed to photograph and video any of their antics.That’s All Folks!!


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