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    Loves nothing more than seeing my OH happy. Whatever it takes...

    Loves giving erotic massages and the feel of well oiled skin being teased with my hands, mouth and tongue.


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    22 Apr 2018 3 Ways of...
    1) Take time for yourself 2) Try to exercise 3) don’t rush things 3 ways of improving your physical stamina
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    21 Apr 2018 Good Morning, Evening, Afternoon, Part Twenty Four
    Another warm one ahead, which means horny hormones raging as always! No fun being solo with that thought tho! What’s everyone up to today?
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    21 Apr 2018 Sum up your day in three words
    Waiting for tomorrow
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    5 Mar 2018 When you have some time, but seem to be at a loose end
    It’s been a while since I found myself alone in the house. Have been thinking of getting a pump and plug. What are everyone’s favourites? I’m on a...
    Sex Toys
    3 Feb 2018 When you don't quite get the response you were expecting. . .
    You buy things which are nice, you do this because they will look great and your OH just isn’t interested one little bit! What’s the point?
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    29 Dec 2017 It’s better because?
    A 69, anyway up! Double the pleasure.xxx
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    30 Aug 2017 What are you doing tonight?
    On offer tonight is an all over massage with the assistance of a wand!
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    30 Jul 2017 What's your biggest turn on...
    My OH bending over in front of me and slowly taking her knickers off.
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    4 Jul 2017 Chain Reaction part 5
    Achieved happpiness
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    30 Jun 2017 Would You Ever Part 4
    Yes, done that WYE Strio on stage?
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    30 Jun 2017 The ^ < v game
    🔼 has booked a holiday ◀️ Is looking forward to a night out tomorrow 🔽 is thinking what toy to use tonight
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    25 Jun 2017 What's your fantasy
    Being blindfolded and tied up, then anything goes!
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    5 Jun 2017 Who Instigates the bedroom shenanigans?
    What to do when it's always you?
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    24 Apr 2017 Frustration is:
    Wanting so much more than vanilla!
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    22 Feb 2017 Blue light card holders receive 20% off
    What about the Defence Discount Card? This is the same as the blue light card?
    Inside Lovehoney
    13 Oct 2016 Pubic hair removal help
    The Braun Cruzer 7 does the trick, the personal setting is awesome😀
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    25 Sep 2016 Breast tattoo turn on or turn off
    As a boob and bum man who loves tattoos, something that strengthens the beauty can only be wonderful?
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    25 Sep 2016 What naughty this gs have u done in past week??
    Played with my first suction cup toy, slow steady then pop. Was pure heaven, get some me time again tomorrow 😘😘😘
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    24 Sep 2016 Gorgeous in Satin or Skin
    I love seeing my OH in a sexy little number, just thinking about it gets me hot n bothered! I would go as far to say that something sexy turns me on...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    16 Sep 2016 What are your biggest turn-ons, and your worst turn-offs?
    Giving my OH an erotic massage, love the feel of her body and seeing her nipples stiffen when u get to her erogenous areas.😘 Off, poor hygiene....
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    28 Jul 2012 Fun After Dark 3
    28 Jul 2012 Sex Toys Testers 6


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