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    Married for 21 years, have 5 kids. Been a swinger in the past, and occasionally dabble with a fuck buddy, both on my own and 3somes with hubby!
    love being talked to really dirty, and hearing all those horny sex sounds, like the catch in your lovers breath when you hit that special spot...them swearing under their breath in the throes of passion...you get the idea!!


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    8 Jan 2009 Amour Double Dolphin VibratorAmour Double Dolphin Vibrator 8 times better! juicylou 9 out of 10


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    20 Jan 2009 Have u ever tasted ur own cum?
    well ive just put the pineapple juice theory to the test with Mr Fireplace....and can confirm that it does make a BIG difference to the taste....a lot...
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    19 Jan 2009 Have u ever tasted ur own cum?
    heres top 10 hints to make your guys cum taste nicer Here then are 10 simple do’s and dont’s to improve the taste of your sperm and...
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    15 Jan 2009 I LOVE sex during my period, am I alone?
    my hub hates it....he refuses point blank to do it while im having my period....my FWB on the other hand....loves it....so problem solved LOL
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    13 Jan 2009 Having a Threesome
    rather than going straight off to a swinging club, youre better off joing a swingers site and getting to know people through there....takes any...
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    8 Jan 2009 Having sex vs making love
    oh yes especially being a swinger.....you have sex with as many people as you choose to.....sometimes all at once.....but u make love to your...
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    8 Jan 2009 Newbie's Initiation Test
    Age - 37 Gender - Female Relationship Status - married but in the swinging lifestyle Sexual Preference - essentially straight but lil bit...
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