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    Date See the product Read the review Reviewer Rating
    1 Apr 2011 Adam and Eve CyberSkin Reversible StrokerAdam and Eve CyberSkin Reversible Stroker Has Entry Requirements Joystick 4 out of 10
    1 Apr 2011 SI-X Type N Natural Feel Male MasturbatorSI-X Type N Natural Feel Male Masturbator Does what it says on the box Joystick 9 out of 10
    1 Apr 2011 Heaven 3 Japanese Onacup MasturbatorHeaven 3 Japanese Onacup Masturbator Low-end Onacup Joystick 2 out of 10
    14 Nov 2010 SI-X Type R Realistic Male MasturbatorSI-X Type R Realistic Male Masturbator SI-X Type R Masturbator exceptionally good Joystick 10 out of 10
    14 Nov 2010 Toy Joy Reversible Masturbation SleeveToy Joy Reversible Masturbation Sleeve Reversible Masturbation Sleeve: Budget sleeve Joystick 7 out of 10


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