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    Hello and thank you for checking out my profile!
    I'd like to describe myself as an extremely open kind of girl who says things as they are and am always up for exploring new sensations in my body and diverse ranges of toys! Always leave honest reviews on products I buy :) check out some of the toys I have already tried, some are definitely must haves to add to your collection!


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    23 Mar 2017 Jelly Rancher Rippled Pleasure Butt Plug with T-BarJelly Rancher Rippled Pleasure Butt Plug with T-Bar Made me feel nice and full Jinxyminxy 10 out of 10
    23 Mar 2017 Lovehoney Bang Bang Bunny Clitoral VibratorLovehoney Bang Bang Bunny Clitoral Vibrator Those ears really do pack a punch Jinxyminxy 9 out of 10
    22 Mar 2017 Vishagra Pink Pill (2 Capsules)Vishagra Pink Pill (2 Capsules) Wow Jinxyminxy 10 out of 10
    22 Mar 2017 tokidoki x Lovehoney Unicorn Single Speed Mini Bullet Vibratortokidoki x Lovehoney Unicorn Single Speed Mini Bullet Vibrator Adorable vibrator that packs a punch Jinxyminxy 10 out of 10


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    24 Mar 2017 Hello I'm new here
    Hey there I signed up to lovehoney last year but have only recently got into the more social side of the website and I must say, I'm glad I have! I am...
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    24 Mar 2017 Sum up your day in three words
    Self pleasure galore!
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    24 Mar 2017 When did you last have sex? Continued...
    Hmm think the last time me and my partner had sex was on Wednesday however have played with a few of my toys since then :) tried out the pink Venus...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    24 Mar 2017 What are YOU contemplating purchasing next? PART 2
    Have currently tried a few butt plugs, some bullet vibrators and one of lovehoneys rabbit ear toys which I revised last night! However my next...
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    23 Mar 2017 Sex toy tester 0


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