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    Straight male, married man.
    High drive and like adult things.


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    Sunday Every joke is a Dad joke...
    Why did Mr Ohm marry Mrs Ohm? Because he couldn't resist her
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    Saturday Have you ever ? Part 2
    No, HYE been on onlyfans or Chaturbate?
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    Saturday Would You Ever... Part 6
    Either. WYE use onlyfans ?
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    16 Jun 2020 Would You Ever... Part 6
    Panty stuffing? SQ
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    15 Jun 2020 Would You Ever... Part 6
    No, worried about performance and intimacy. WYE go on naked attraction on channel 4.?
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    12 Jun 2020 Would you rather?
    Anytime, but between night and day, day as I love to see things. WYR fantasy role play or lingerie?
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    10 Jun 2020 Would You Ever... Part 6
    Yes I would like to use a remote control egg or something similar. WyE suck on something that has just been used for anal play?
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    23 May 2020 Design a Sex Toy 2019/20
    Good luck to everyone, would love to see the ideas or at least how many had similar ideas and trends.
    Inside Lovehoney
    21 May 2020 Weather is going to be hot, how will you spend the day?
    Sounds like all had a great day, I accidentally sun burnt my shoulders.
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    20 May 2020 Weather is going to be hot, how will you spend the day?
    Weather is going to be hot, how will you spend the day? I will be in a swimming pool in the garden with a G&T. (Not rich enough for a real pool...
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    9 May 2020 Have you ever ? Part 2
    Yes, years ago now. HYE missed having sex with a previous partner?
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    28 Apr 2020 Design a Sex Toy 2019/20
    Do you think this is still going to happen with everything that's going on.?
    Inside Lovehoney
    22 Mar 2020 Spicing Up Our Quarantine
    I like the idea of buying today's deal of the deal, and using the remote control on my partner.
    Sex Tips & Talk
    21 Mar 2020 Shares
    Thank you just wondered about LH shares.
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    20 Mar 2020 Shares
    I have just started out this morning in shares investments. Does anyone know if you can invest in LH. Or have any other advice.
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    18 Mar 2020 WFH or self isolate
    Good luck with your MMF not something for me but I am glad you can find like minded people and everyone in these chats are very friendly and...
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    17 Mar 2020 WFH or self isolate
    Many people are now working from home or being told to self isolate. I wish everyone the very best at this time. Remember that you are not along in...
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    14 Mar 2020 Steak and blowjob day!
    Wow April sounds fun as well as Steak and bj today, have fun to all those lucky enough getting involved.
    Sex Tips & Talk
    11 Mar 2020 Uploaded Pictures Thread Part 2
    Miss Terror and Marrird learners both looking stunning. Great photos.
    Lingerie & Clothing
    29 Feb 2020 Would You Ever... Part 6
    No as a guy fears of getting arrested, but I think women can get away with a lot more. WYE go shopping while using a sex toy?
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