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    Irish chap in my 30's, in a straight relationship, with wickedly dirty fantasies.


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    13 Mar 2018 Ebony Vibrating Prostate MassagerEbony Vibrating Prostate Massager Utterly disappointing and ineffective IrishChris 1 out of 10


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    7 Apr 2018 Which Fleshlight?
    So, I bought a Pro Ultra Zoey stroker. I couldn't be more disappointed. To start with, it was an absolute struggle getting my cock into the...
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    1 Jan 2018 Cum kiss
    Yes, this is a regular part of our sex life
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    1 Jan 2018 Tasting your own cum
    I have been swallowing my own since I was [removed by moderator] Not every time but very regularly. I also like to lick it off my wife, or out of my...
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    1 Jan 2018 Do you Masterbate at work?
    Yeah, I do. Not everyday but regularly.
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    18 Mar 2016 First facial
    I was with a girl once and she asked me if I had any interest in cumming on her face. I told her I wasn't fussed but if she was into it, I...
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    31 Aug 2015 Longest you have gone and can go without masturbating? (Especially singles!)
    Terri JJ wrote: I'm not single but I cant go for more than a day without masturbating (usually quite a few times) I'm afraid...
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    31 Aug 2015 How high is your sex drive? am I normal ? lol
    I like to masturbate everyday. I also like to have sex everyday. If the opportunity presents itself to do either more than once, I probably will....
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    31 Aug 2015 100% straight?
    I'm not saying you think it matters or is impoartant, but I really don't think it matters or is important. Liking men or liking woman...
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    31 Aug 2015 Your most impressive record breaking masturbation/orgasm day
    The most I ever came in one day was back before I could even ejaculate. When I started masturbating I could have 7 or 8 orgasms in a session, every...
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    17 Aug 2015 hi guys x
    Our most used toys are lubes, lotions, ribbons and blindfolds, but my personal favourite is our rabbit. Love when OH leans over the couch going...
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    17 Aug 2015 help please!!!
    You can never go wrong with a Rabbit.
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    17 Aug 2015 Do you eat/swallow your own cum? [Guys]
    I do it regularly. Love the taste of myself.
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    18 May 2015 Colloquial Euphemisms
    I was chatting to a chap today and he used the funniest expression. He refered to a bj as a Julio (as promounced Hulio). He lived in Spain for a...
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    23 Mar 2015 What's one thing you would love to do that the opposite sex can do?
    To have lesbian sex. I know that might at first seem counterintuitive seeing as I have sex with women already, but I think lesbian sex is a lot...
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    23 Mar 2015 Have you ever been caught wanking & by who?
    I've been caught numerous times by family members. Mum at least a dozen times and my sisters probably twice that. We'd always been taught...
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    21 Mar 2015 straight guy giving blow jobs.
    When I was in university I had a very good friend who was gay. He constantly hit on me in a jokey kind of way but when he got drunk he got handsie...
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    21 Mar 2015 Girls do you like to watch other men wank
    I'd an ex who loved to watch me wank. Practically every morning she'd ask ne to start jerking when she got up to shower and insist I not...
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    26 Dec 2014 The 3 Word Weather
    Describe your last sexual experience in 3 words exactly. For me... Intense. Loud. Sweaty.
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    26 Dec 2014 Ever left a sex toy somewhere embarrasing......
    I've never left anything out but I did have to do a few odd jobs for an ex's mum one time - change a plug, fit a new light switch, put some...
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    22 Dec 2014 Swapping cum
    Always snowball during sex. Either from a bj into her mouth and kissing to me, or I'll go down on her full pussy and kiss it to her. Love it.
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