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    27 Feb 2019 Sliquid H2O Original Glycerin & Paraben-Free Lubricant 125mlSliquid H2O Original Glycerin & Paraben-Free Lubricant 125ml Great for sensitive skins illtakethehighroad 9 out of 10


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    1 May 2020 Advice on talking to my wife
    hi pal i read your post and i understand completely. I have been in a similar position with my OH I dote on her, always made her feel loved, always...
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    15 Mar 2020 Fantasising about your other half
    i fantasise about my OH all the time. Imagining trying new things and her dressed up. Remembering hot sessions in the past as well.
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    15 Mar 2020 Anal sex dilemma !
    Second everyone else. Her sons old enough, so as long as they are safe and its consentual then its fine. No issues. We use anal lube for PIV sex,...
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    15 Mar 2020 Coronavirus and isolation
    My OH is imunocompromised so we have to be careful but we have 2 youngish kids so what can you do. I already sleep in other room when i am ill (which...
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    19 Dec 2019 Kinkymira blog
    BL140505 have you a link to Kinkymiras blog. couldnt see it in that huge bloggers list. thanks
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    26 Nov 2019 Post- vasectomy advice
    Oh i had it a few years ago. I knew i was going to have complications because of other preexisting complications. The op itself didnt hurt and was...
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    26 Nov 2019 What porn do you watch?
    homemade amatuer stuff stuff that looks natural and the couples look like they are having fun. Anal with female orgasm (mainly cos i want to try...
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    26 Nov 2019 What is your most unusual place to have had sex
    on a cliff edge, i cut my arse on the rock as my OH straddled me. risk we might have fallen in sea drunk. In a japanese open air bath (onsen) on...
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    26 Nov 2019 Anal
    Me! i would really really  love to try it. top of my sexual bucket list now. I had seen it in porn and know other ffriends had tried it, always...
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    8 Nov 2019 Anal sex Orgasam
    Yes man. Wow that sounds great, my OH comes in under a minute vaginal in that position grinding. I would love to do the same anal as you have...
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    16 Sep 2019 Partner doesn't find me sexy anymore
    Wow, i read your post and first throughts were, i would tell him to f*ck off! this guy is no good for your self esteem, get rid of him. Normally i...
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    1 Sep 2019 Queefing
    all the time, we laugh about it. I think its quite sexy actually as they are more likely after a good session!
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    1 Sep 2019 cuming together
    we do fairly frequently because she can come relatively quickly in fact normally quicker than me. Missionry or her on top with her grinding her pubic...
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    1 Sep 2019 Noisy neighbours
    me and OH stayed in hotel with paper thin walls, we had just jumped into bed and heard couple next door come in. Could hear bed start to squeak and...
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    28 Aug 2019 is rimming the new bj?
    done it to my OH, i loved doing it to her, she said she couldnt feel much!!! bah very annoying!
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    28 Aug 2019 Going down
    he is not giving you much to go on so you need to ask again nicely. Maybe he is a lazy sod and cannot be bothered doing it for long? As for shaved,...
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    28 Aug 2019 Can men squirt?
    you have interesting conversations at work..... ours is more along the lines of did you see the bake off last night? Hmm as senator said, precum ...
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    28 Aug 2019 Butt plug/Anal advice
    Hi justtheTwoofus2007 Theres a lot going on in your question other than Butt plugs and i have personal experience will address them one by one.  If...
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    21 Jul 2019 Need some advice on mis matched sex drives!
    my experience is like trines. OH has far lower drive than me. I oull my weight around hte house, do childcare, cooking, cleaning etc. Always give her...
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    21 Jul 2019 Has anyone came just from anal sex?
    Nope but it feels great!
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